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I Am Thankful

On this beautiful Thanksgiving Monday, I am thankful for:

*Safe travels in Owen’s trip with his dad.

*Family that love us from afar.

*Family that love us right here at home.

*Friends that have supported and continue to support, no matter what the circumstance.

*Family & friends that pray for us, even when I don’t realize they are doing so.

*A church that is full of wonderful, supportive, vision filled people.

*Workers that come along side of me in Children’s Ministry & Worship Ministry.

*Financial stability.

*Opportunities to give.

*Opportunities to grow.

*Faith that things are and will work together for the good if I just keep loving Him.

*Patience in waiting for His timing.

*Contentment.  Contentment in where God has taken me.  Contentment in what He has in store.


*Food on my table.

*Heat.  Especially on these cold nights.

*A pillow to lie on.

And that is where I am headed right now.  It’s been a long, tiring day.  And, through it all, I am thankful.