Saw this on Pinterest.  Seriously.  Why must life be so complicated.


What is Your View of God?

How do you view God?  It has been proven that sometimes the way we view or have viewed our own earthly fathers tends to be the way we view God.

If you had an earthly father that didn’t really care about you, you may view God as someone who is out there, but doesn’t really care about you as a person.  Or maybe you don’t think He’s out there at all.

If you had an earthly father who was abusive, you may find it hard to trust God.

If you had an earthly father who wouldn’t let you do ANYTHING, you may think God doesn’t want you to have any fun.

If you has an earthly father who made you feel like you couldn’t do anything right, you may struggle to “please” God, feeling like being the person you are is not enough for Him either.  No matter now much good you do or how involved you are in church, He’s looking down saying “couldn’t you have done better?”

It’s weird, because I had a great childhood with great parents.  I don’t know if it’s just my personality and the fact that I’m a (recovering) people pleaser, but I have always struggled with my own view of God.  It’s incorrect, that’s why I’m working on it.  For some reason (and it’s not because of my earthly father, because he was nothing like this) sometimes I slip into the view of God being a punisher.

He’s just punishing me for something I’ve done wrong.  And a lot of the time I cannot figure out what it is that I did wrong, but there must have been something, because “this” happened.  And I know viewing God as someone who just sits up there and judges our rights and wrongs all day long is incorrect.  I know he is a God of love and forgiveness (and I know he is a God of judgement too, in the right terms).  But that still doesn’t make me stop saying “Ok, what did I do this time for this to happen”.

You can only imagine what suddenly becoming a single mom can do to a person who already struggles with this view of God.

But you know what, it was the perfect opportunity for me to realize, that sometimes life just happens.  Sometimes life is just out of our control, and as much as we give it to God, He will only work with what is given Him.  He’s not sitting up there punishing me for something I apparently did wrong.  Sometimes we are wronged, and what looks like punishment in the present moment, is really God getting us through what life has thrown our way and protecting us from further pain.

And for that I am thankful.

My view of God has changed a lot.  It continues to change.  I can now truly believe what I say & know God is like.  I’m not fully there yet, but I’m no longer where I was!

What is your view of God?  Your past does not define who God is.  The way you view people here on earth does not define who God is.

I love this video.  It describes just a small bit of who God is.  He is more than we could ever imagine.  Discover who he REALLY is:

Lead Us

I think this song perfectly says what every family is looking for from their husband, wife, mom, dad.

I know the song speaks to husbands/dads, and statistics show that there are more fatherless children, than motherless.  But I think this can apply to both.  I also think it can apply to parents that are distant in the home (ie: workaholic).  Your children need a parent that is going to stand up for them, love them instead of chasing after temporary happiness and pleasure, fight for them, and lead them.  Your spouse needs this also.  If not, everything falls apart.

(it won’t let me put the video on here so you have to click on the “Watch on YouTube” after you try to press play)


We took O kayaking today for the first time.  He’s not a big fan of his life jacket so I wasn’t sure if he would actually get in (because he wasn’t getting in without one on).  But he did!  He didn’t want to go out too far, but he did fine.  Which is great for our trip to Newfoundland because we have plans to go out the bay for a few nights and of course go for a few rides in Poppy Smarts boat besides that!  We even saw several huge frogs today…every attempt to catch one failed 😦

I took *some* pictures.  Here are a mix of my pics and my dad’s (you can click on any picture to make it bigger).

Hitting the road

Poppy went out first to make sure he was comfortable with the kayak (it’s been a couple years).

Lifejacket time!

Getting in (see I told you I took a few pictures…)

Meanwhile, as O & Poppy were kayaking, I found this guy:

We tried to catch him, but he keep escaping us.  We then discovered there were LOTS of these guys in the swampy area.

My sister and I attempted to go across this swamp, but it was really muddy and filled with mosquitoes…my poor legs.

Dad then went out to see if he could catch a frog.

Then it was my turn.  Still didn’t end up catching one, and as soon as O saw I was in the kayak he insisted on going with me.

After we came back in we looked for fish

I tried to tell O we had to stay very still for the fish to come.  Needless to say, we didn’t see any fish, lol

I made one last attempt at catching a frog by flicking mud at it with a stick so it would jump our way…it didn’t work…

It was fun.

Silly Saturday

Another instalment of silly pictures from O & I on this dreary Saturday 🙂

O only has one silly face…in involves sticking out his tongue and that’s it…but to be fair, I apparently only have 2 funny faces that I can come up with, ha.

3 Questions

I’ve been reading Kevin Leman’s book “Single Parenting that Works: Six Keys to Raising Happy, Healthy Children in a Single Parent Home.”  I’m only on chapter 3, and already it’s been an awesome read.  But why wouldn’t it be…I have yet to not like something Kevin Leman has put out.  He writes good stuff.

I know I haven’t gotten around to doing a list of helpful books/studies for families, but when I do this will be on that list.

I wanted to share 3 questions he says single parents should ask themselves, because I think they are questions that every parent should ask themselves weither they are single or not.

Take a moment and ask yourself these 3 important questions in regards to what you want your life to be like 1, 5 and 10 years from now:

1.  What do you want your home environment to be like (If you could choose your home environment, what would it look like)?

2.  What kind of person do you want to be (What characteristics or qualities would you want to have)?

3.  What kind of person do you want your child to be (Do you know who your child is, what are their strengths, what are their weaknesses.  How can you best support your child)?

Those are huge questions.  Take the time to think about it, write it down, talk about it with your spouse (or if you are a single parent, discuss with a friend!).  If you don’t take the time to sit down and figure out what you want your life to be like, you’ll just end up in the same place you are now 10 years down the road.

I will be discussing this with my friend Jean the next time we do hot drinks.  I can’t wait.  Maybe I’ll post about what we discuss some 🙂

Square Foot Gardening

This year I decided to give Square Foot Gardening a try.  We’ve planted in the field the last 2 years and have lost pretty much everything we planted to animals…ok, and weeds.  My thinking is that if I keep the garden closer to the house I can maintain it better and from what I’ve read, gardens grow really well in raised beds.  It keeps in the heat and with proper materials can keep weeds to a minimum.

We have just finished up our beds and the seeds are planted.  Just waiting for some buds to start poking through the dirt.  Dad is working on one last potato bin.  I took pictures of the journey:

Dad working on our raised beds.

Our raised beds.  In the end dad made 6 beds.

Thanks to my big toe, my old Toms have a hole in them…so they are now my gardening shoes.

Filling up our beds with soil.  A lot of shovelling.

My little helper.  Seriously, he really did help with every step.

We laid down weed controller fabric…stuff.  Here it is:

Beds all done.  We have soil, manure & compost in each bed.

On to the planting!  Owen helped plant until I got to the really small stuff (ie: lettuce)

Coming back for more seed.

I blocked off the beds in square feet and planted my seeds accordingly.  I followed what I found online on how many seeds of each veg/fruit could be planted in that square foot.  For example, watermelon & squash took up 2 blocks for each seed, but I could plant 16 carrot seeds in one block.

This is the potato box dad came up with.  Potatoes can grow out where ever it would like, and he’s put a hose with holes in it down through the box for watering.

My strawberry patch.  It’s not doing too well today…I hope they don’t die.

Raspberry bush.

I have two of these blueberry bushes planted.  Mmmm…I love blueberries!

Growing some spinach in pots.

I found these “Pot Carrots”.  I’m not sure how it works but apparently you can grow carrots in a pot.

My potted herbs.  Since this picture my Basil has died.  Everything else is growing and thickening.  I’m not sure why the Basil died…it was watered the same as the rest and got as much sun.  I have also added a tomato plant that is ready for producing tiny tomatoes.  O loves tomatoes.

And that’s it!  Our garden is planted and now it’s just a waiting game.  Watering every day.  Anxiously waiting for something to bud and praying this year we will get something from our garden!