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Our Family Ministry

This year I became a Connect Volunteer for Operation Christmas Child.  I had to fill out a form similar to what my volunteers fill out to work in our children’s ministry, except longer.  I had an interview over the phone and I had each of my references called, as they do with every volunteer.  I work with a wonderful lady, Glenda, who is a hoot to travel with 🙂

A couple Sunday’s ago, Glenda gave a thank-you address to our church as Operation Christmas Child came to a close (for the church…not for us volunteers…we just keep on working!).  She mentioned how as a family (husband, 2 kids) OCC has become their family ministry.

I strongly believe that it is important that each family have a ministry that they do as a family unit.  One they all can be excited about, and one they all have a passion to be involved in.  It can be as “small” as packing 1 box (which really is super big…believe me!) or it can be as “big” as helping serve Christmas dinner at a homeless shelter.

I got to thinking about this season with OCC & came to the conclusion that, like Glenda, right now OCC is our family ministry as well.  Our family may be small…it consists of 2 people, myself and my 3 year old son O.  Let me tell you how our family was involved this year in our ministry.

1.  Boxes arrived.  My volunteer position is Logistics Co-ordinator (and I help with Church Relations as we have no one right now doing that).  I got boxes out to churches, I kept track of who took boxes.

2.  As the Children’s Pastor (my real job) I set up our church’s boxes and got those distributed.

3.  I helped promote at Rock the River by wearing a shoe box!

3.  I attended the Kick-Off at CCA.  My son, who is too young for school also attended.  He helped me put beads in the baggies we put together for the boxes the kids were doing that day.  We did 150 bags.  He got tired after a while and wandered but then came back to do more.  He wore a shoe box and tried it out.

4.  He helped me pick out items for our shoe boxes.  We did 10 boxes this year.  I don’t say that to say “look at what we did!”, but I really wanted to make sure the shoe boxes had a presence in our home and that O saw what we were doing.  For over a month there were shoeboxes in our house.  He saw me pack them (unless there were cars involved…then I did that in secret, haha), he saw me put the labels on and he helped bring them to the church.  He also helped me bring other people’s boxes to the alter at church.

5.  O & I helped with a packing party at the church.  O kept those cars organized on that boy toy’s table 🙂  When we went by with a box for a boy, his job was to put a toy car into the box.  By the end of the OCC season he could tell you, and did tell the whole church one Sunday morning, that we put cars in the boxes because the little children don’t have any cars to play with so we give them cars.  That’s the biggest thing he went away with this year…probably really the only thing.  But that is a HUGE thing…especially since he usually wants to keep the cars himself!

6.  We went to the CCA closing.  I helped bring boxes to the gym & put them in the shape of trees.  O sat with all the kids so silently, even though he was too young to be there.  He closed his eyes AND KEPT THEM CLOSED for the loooonnng prayer, haha!  He clapped when people were rewarded for bringing in the most shoeboxes and he watched the video presentation of a testimony about the boxes in Romania.  At the end he helped me pack the boxes into BIG boxes along with everyone else.  They were perfect for him to carry and he was so cute picking them up and bringing them over for me to put in.

7.  We prayed over our church’s boxes the final Sunday morning.  O laid his hand on one of the boxes while the Pastor prayed.

8.  I went down to Waterloo with 5 other ladies to help at the processing plant.  It was amazing!

I still have a few things left to do for OCC when it comes to the boxes and logistics.  But I love our family ministry.  What do we do now you ask, since the OCC season is over until next year?  Well, O & I continue with our other family ministry with Seeds International in Grenada!

What “ministry” to you do as a family?  If you don’t have anything you do together, consider making it a priority in your life.  When O gets a little older I would love to serve Christmas dinner to those who do not have a family or food to eat Christmas day.  I mean, what do we do Christmas day after the presents have been opened anyways?