15 Things

I use to see these lists all the time on Facebook. I rarely ever participated unless it was really interesting. Today I’m making up my own just for fun. Here we go:

15 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I am 30 (gasp…I know). A kind man told me last week he thought I was 25.
2. I started playing the keyboard 6 years ago. I can only play chords, and I cannot play some of the fancy ones. I NEED chords. I cannot play without them in front of me. If you ask me to play a song at the end of service that I do not have the chords for, I will ask you to sing a cappella.
3. I prefer to lead worship without playing keys…but currently I need to.
4. I’ve always dreamed of adopting a child. Someday I believe I will have that opportunity.
5. I love ice skating. I cannot stop properly.
6. I love to hike.
7. I cannot drive a standard. I tried. I hated it.
8. I’m a Newfie. Born there. Lived there until I was in Grade 9.
9. I cannot dance. I have done a couple hip hop songs with a friend for church but it took me FOREVER to learn it. I do have rhythm, but add too many steps and my mind can’t keep up.
10. I travelled for 2 summers with my college on summer teams. We lead worship and counselled at teen summer camps as far west as Oregon and as far south as South Carolina/Tennessee. I LOVED it.
11. I cannot use the same facecloth twice. I cannot share a facecloth with anyone. I CAN use a towel more than once!
12. I am psychologically allergic to nuts-coconut-dried oats. The texture makes me puke. In situations where I have to eat something that has any of the listed items or items like it, I have to concentrate very hard on swallowing them and keeping them down.
13. I cannot talk and write/type at the same time. I either end up making writing errors or my speech is slow. Want proof? Check the spelling on my OCC posters. I am aware that November is not spelled Novemember…but I spelled it that way on BOTH posters!
14. I went to college/university to take psychology. I ended up finishing with a B.A in Christian Education with a double major in Music and Christian Counselling.
15. My favourite season is Fall (real Fall, not this -5 almost snowing we get nowadays). My favourite holiday is Christmas. I like real Christmas trees. I start listening tomChristmas music in November.

BONUS: I LOVE to travel.
DOUBLE BONUS: I have moved about 13 times in my life…I’ve lost count.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jean on October 25, 2012 at 1:28 am

    I knew a number of these. Enough to qualify I think. And, I know your middle name 😉 so that has to count for something. Maybe I’ll LJ a list in response…..


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