We took O kayaking today for the first time.  He’s not a big fan of his life jacket so I wasn’t sure if he would actually get in (because he wasn’t getting in without one on).  But he did!  He didn’t want to go out too far, but he did fine.  Which is great for our trip to Newfoundland because we have plans to go out the bay for a few nights and of course go for a few rides in Poppy Smarts boat besides that!  We even saw several huge frogs today…every attempt to catch one failed 😦

I took *some* pictures.  Here are a mix of my pics and my dad’s (you can click on any picture to make it bigger).

Hitting the road

Poppy went out first to make sure he was comfortable with the kayak (it’s been a couple years).

Lifejacket time!

Getting in (see I told you I took a few pictures…)

Meanwhile, as O & Poppy were kayaking, I found this guy:

We tried to catch him, but he keep escaping us.  We then discovered there were LOTS of these guys in the swampy area.

My sister and I attempted to go across this swamp, but it was really muddy and filled with mosquitoes…my poor legs.

Dad then went out to see if he could catch a frog.

Then it was my turn.  Still didn’t end up catching one, and as soon as O saw I was in the kayak he insisted on going with me.

After we came back in we looked for fish

I tried to tell O we had to stay very still for the fish to come.  Needless to say, we didn’t see any fish, lol

I made one last attempt at catching a frog by flicking mud at it with a stick so it would jump our way…it didn’t work…

It was fun.


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