Square Foot Gardening

This year I decided to give Square Foot Gardening a try.  We’ve planted in the field the last 2 years and have lost pretty much everything we planted to animals…ok, and weeds.  My thinking is that if I keep the garden closer to the house I can maintain it better and from what I’ve read, gardens grow really well in raised beds.  It keeps in the heat and with proper materials can keep weeds to a minimum.

We have just finished up our beds and the seeds are planted.  Just waiting for some buds to start poking through the dirt.  Dad is working on one last potato bin.  I took pictures of the journey:

Dad working on our raised beds.

Our raised beds.  In the end dad made 6 beds.

Thanks to my big toe, my old Toms have a hole in them…so they are now my gardening shoes.

Filling up our beds with soil.  A lot of shovelling.

My little helper.  Seriously, he really did help with every step.

We laid down weed controller fabric…stuff.  Here it is:

Beds all done.  We have soil, manure & compost in each bed.

On to the planting!  Owen helped plant until I got to the really small stuff (ie: lettuce)

Coming back for more seed.

I blocked off the beds in square feet and planted my seeds accordingly.  I followed what I found online on how many seeds of each veg/fruit could be planted in that square foot.  For example, watermelon & squash took up 2 blocks for each seed, but I could plant 16 carrot seeds in one block.

This is the potato box dad came up with.  Potatoes can grow out where ever it would like, and he’s put a hose with holes in it down through the box for watering.

My strawberry patch.  It’s not doing too well today…I hope they don’t die.

Raspberry bush.

I have two of these blueberry bushes planted.  Mmmm…I love blueberries!

Growing some spinach in pots.

I found these “Pot Carrots”.  I’m not sure how it works but apparently you can grow carrots in a pot.

My potted herbs.  Since this picture my Basil has died.  Everything else is growing and thickening.  I’m not sure why the Basil died…it was watered the same as the rest and got as much sun.  I have also added a tomato plant that is ready for producing tiny tomatoes.  O loves tomatoes.

And that’s it!  Our garden is planted and now it’s just a waiting game.  Watering every day.  Anxiously waiting for something to bud and praying this year we will get something from our garden!


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