Shopper Optimum Bank Card

Do you collect Shopper’s Optimum points?  You may want to consider the following!

I don’t know if you are aware that Royal Bank now has an Optimum bank card for collecting Shopper’s Drug Mart Optimum points.  I signed up for one as soon as I saw it on their website.  Apparently I signed up so quick that when I called to get it set up, the lady on the phone didn’t know what to do yet, and told me I needed to wait until a specific day to call in or visit my branch to have it activated.

It’s one of the main point systems I use regularly.  If you’d like to read more about it, Mrs January has made an excellent document about the points program here:

With the Royal bank card, you can get 10 points for every $1 you spend at Shoppers, as you normally would with your regular Optimum card.  BUT, for every $1 you spend elsewhere using your debit, you get 1 point.  I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but it does add up!

Here, though, is the really cool thing with this new debit card.  If you:

  1. Activate this account (in doing so I also closed my regular account, since I really don’t need 2, and I don’t want to pay for 2)
  2. Set up 2 automatic withdrawals to come out of this account
  3. Set up one “payroll” deposit to go into this account

YOU GET 50,000 POINTS!  If you switch your banking from another bank, you can earn another 5,000 points.

It was a little bit of work.  I had to close my other account and then change all my automatic withdrawals and deposits to the new account (meaning I had to call each institution individually with my new banking info).  FYI, this new account is cheaper monthly!

You know what was awesome though.  I didn’t think I’d get the 50,000 points because my payroll doesn’t get automatically deposited.  My banker wasn’t sure if setting up my child benefits to be automatically deposited would count as a “payroll” to Shoppers.  Well, I’m excited to say that it did!  I looked at my points this week and low and behold, there were the 50,000 extra points!  That puts me well above the highest category of points!  That means I can get at least $170 worth of purchases from Shoppers, if I redeemed my points.

If I keep collecting for the major bonus redemption day before Christmas (hopefully they have one this year!), I can use it for Christmas gifts!  Dave Ramsey would be so proud…although he probably wouldn’t be too proud of the amount I spent at Value Village this week…oops!

If you like to collect Shopper’s Optimum points, I would recommend taking a look at the Royal Bank Optimum card!


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