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One Day Potty Training

Tomorrow I will be incommunicado.  I’m trying an intense one day potty training schedule.  Apparently it’s suppose to really work…but I’m not allowed to have any distractions…so no phone, computer, tv or going anywhere, not even outside.  I’m all stocked up.  I have snacks galore, tons of things to play with during the “non-potty” times…which is only 15 minutes at a time.  Yes, that means we go to the toilet every 15 minutes….all…day…long (except during naps & night time).  I have “yay, I pottied” treats & stickers.  I even have a special treat that I came up with all on my own too for when O gets it down 🙂  We have underwear, clean-up supplies for the accidents & waterproof diaper covers for nap and during the night.  Yup, that’s right…I’m even doing night.  I REALLY HOPE THIS WORKS.

Here is where I found the idea:

I will blog later this weekend on how this goes.  I took pics of all my “stations” so I’ll even show you what I did!