Mom 2 Mom Sale

So, mom & I have a table at the first ever Mom 2 Mom sale in Carleton Place.  It’s suppose to be big and busy.  I had no idea what to crochet/knit to sell as it’s in April and well, people probably aren’t looking to buy hats/scarves/mittens when winter is pretty much over and spring is in the air (yipee!).

But I came up with a few ideas…partially my own and partially discovered with the help of Pinterest.  Here are a couple of my ideas:

This is an ice-cream cone.  It’s a Diana original..made it up as I went 🙂  I thought I’d crochet some quick/easy play toys for kids & babies.  Rattles, ice cream cones, play rings, etc.  I love the look of the big knitted toys I’ve done, but they take up a LOT Of time and patience, since I’m not that quick at it yet.

This cute lil’ monster is a mix match of my own ideas & patterns I found online.  BUT, I found the greatest idea for these on a site that was for a kid’s birthday party.  At the party there was a basket filled with little monsters (not like this one).  The basket had a sign that said “Adopt a Monster” so each kid could take one when they went home.  What a FABULOUS idea!  So, I’m going to whip up a bunch of these, put them in a basket and put a sign that says “Adopt a Monster – $.  I MAY even make up little adoption certificates so kids can name their monster, put in their date of birth…what a great idea!

So the question is, which one of these idea is going to be the one that flies on that day…or will they both flop…hmm.


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