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DIY Kid’s Busy Wallet

I’m like obsessed with Pinterest.  It’s ok though, because I’ve been able to find things to help with the nursery at work, and tons of ideas to do with the kids and with O.  That makes it alright…doesn’t it?

I’ve tried several things so far from Pinterest, from recipes to kids experiments.  The most recent DIY I tried was a Busy Wallet (FOUND HERE:  It’s to throw in your bag and pull out for those times you need to keep busy hands…busy (ie. Dr. office, resturant, etc).

I think it turned out great and I can’t wait to try it on O.  It also sparked some ideas for kids in the church nursery…making folders/bins filled with crafty things tailored to each child in the nursery (boyish stuff for boys, girlish stuff for girls…pink for the child that loves pink…or stickers for the child that loves stickers).

Here is what O’s Busy Wallet looks like :

Wallet – $1 (80% off at Fields closing sale)

Stickers (already owned) – O LOVES stickers

“Dress a Dragon” (got from Swiss Chalet when we ate there last night FREE) – This was postcard size but I cut it down…you can take the dress up stickers & put them on the dragon.

Scrapbook paper (already owned) – I didn’t measure…I just cut.  O doesn’t care so neither do I 🙂  I would recommend a non leather wallet though as it was difficult to get the paper in so I assume it may be difficult to get out.

Foam alphabet stickers (already owned) – O loves letters & numbers AND he loves stickers…best of both worlds here!  I tried to get the whole alphabet in but the wallet wouldn’t close so we’ll swap out letters as he uses them.

Crayon, empty Starbuck gift cards, & more paper (already owned) – I chose a black crayon so it could be easily seen on all the different paper colors.  Also, did you notice the alphabet scrapbook paper??  He is going to LOVE this.


Total Cost:  $1

I think this will be worth it’s weight in gold…


Mom 2 Mom Sale

So, mom & I have a table at the first ever Mom 2 Mom sale in Carleton Place.  It’s suppose to be big and busy.  I had no idea what to crochet/knit to sell as it’s in April and well, people probably aren’t looking to buy hats/scarves/mittens when winter is pretty much over and spring is in the air (yipee!).

But I came up with a few ideas…partially my own and partially discovered with the help of Pinterest.  Here are a couple of my ideas:

This is an ice-cream cone.  It’s a Diana original..made it up as I went 🙂  I thought I’d crochet some quick/easy play toys for kids & babies.  Rattles, ice cream cones, play rings, etc.  I love the look of the big knitted toys I’ve done, but they take up a LOT Of time and patience, since I’m not that quick at it yet.

This cute lil’ monster is a mix match of my own ideas & patterns I found online.  BUT, I found the greatest idea for these on a site that was for a kid’s birthday party.  At the party there was a basket filled with little monsters (not like this one).  The basket had a sign that said “Adopt a Monster” so each kid could take one when they went home.  What a FABULOUS idea!  So, I’m going to whip up a bunch of these, put them in a basket and put a sign that says “Adopt a Monster – $.  I MAY even make up little adoption certificates so kids can name their monster, put in their date of birth…what a great idea!

So the question is, which one of these idea is going to be the one that flies on that day…or will they both flop…hmm.

Happy February!

From O & I