Dollar Store

Over the years I’ve bought many things at dollar stores, weither it’s the “Dollarama” or the “Buck or Two”, etc.  I have found over the last couple years the items found at dollar stores have improved a LOT.  You can get some really nice and useful things there now.  Depending on what you are looking for, sometimes you do have to go when the shipment first gets in to get the better looking items (I don’t know when the shipments come in…I’ve just been lucky a few times).

Today I was heading to Walmart.  I took one look at the parking lot and went to the Dollarama instead to see what I could find for organization/storage options.  I’ll hit Walmart later tonight when it’s not as crazy…especially when using coupons and price matching!

I wasn’t planning on buying anything specific but I found some really cute items.  As I was checking out the cashier said, “I didn’t even know we carried things like this”.  I thought I’d post a few pics of what I have found at dollar stores over the past few months, in case you didn’t realize either that dollar stores can be pretty amazing sometimes…for CHEAP!

Here goes!  Today I found:

Are these not the cutest bins!  The big ones are $2, small ones are $1.50.

Perfect for storing O’s snacks.

Adhesive chalkboard paper…not sure where I’ll use this yet…but I will!

I have a small colander and a big one…really I need a med. size one.  $1.25 for what I needed!

Or it can be a hat…

I really need to start and finish O’s 1-2 year scrapbook.  Our Dollarama has TONS of scrapbooking supplies!  And decent stuff too!

Wall decals for kids.  I’ve picked up several of these type of decals over the last year.  O presently has frog ones on the back of his door.  The beauty is that if he wrecks them, they were only $1 for a sheet and I can always get more.  I want to give these to him now because he loves cars/trucks, but I’m trying to hold off since he has the frogs up.  It’s really hard.  This is why I don’t buy Christmas gifts too early…for anyone.  I want to give people their gifts right away, so if I buy too early I end up giving the gifts and then buying more when the holiday gets closer!  Not a good habit!

The following pics are a few things I’ve picked up over the last year:

Things for O’s room…now and for the future.

Decals I have around my place.  The last one is over my bed and it looks really cute.

There you have it!  Now go visit the dollar store nearest you!

Seriously though, before you throw away a bunch of money on something expensive, check out your local dollar store and see what’s there.  You never know what you will find!


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