Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich

4 Years ago when I lived in Fredericton I was a nanny part-time.  I nannied two wonderful Vietnamese children who were 1 & 2 years old.  I had so much fun!  I was very lucky to have a family that also let me make my lunches at their house, with their food.

The mom didn’t work, but she wanted the opportunity to get out of the house more and get some things done, therefore they wanted a nanny.  So, when she was at home with me there, she would sometimes make my lunch when she made hers.  I discovered some yummy things when she did this 🙂  Like bite size, baked, butternut squash….delish!

Another thing she made that I fell in love with was a bacon avocado sandwich.  Oh my goodness…I don’t really like avocado (her kids LOVED it…Owen won’t touch it…), BUT in this sandwich it is absolutely delightful!  I made one today, and I added a couple extra things:  sliced turkey & green onion.  Here is what the process of making one looked like:

Putting on the mayo, avocado & green onion.  I also toasted the bread


I find cutting an avocado can be intimidating to people sometimes.  It’s soft and it has a HUGE nut in the middle.  I cut all the way around with a sharp knife, against the nut inside.  Then I pull the two side apart and take the nut out.  After it’s cut and the nut is out, like in the picture below, I take a spoon and glide it along the inside of the skin.  The avocado just pops right out looking perfect.  Then I slice it up thinly.


Time to add the turkey and bacon!


Finished product


And there you have it!  A Turkey Bacon Avocado Sandwich.  Sorry, it’s all gone now, and it tasted heavenly!


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  1. OK. So wordpress is backwards compared to blogger. I thought the comment button for THIS post was at the bottom…but no…apparently it’s at the top. Soooo….I commented about your sandwich on your boxing day post! whoops!


  2. Posted by dianaslbillings on January 17, 2012 at 11:04 pm

    Lol, no worries 😉


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