Boxing Day

I braved the mall today.  I’ve done boxing day shopping once before and both times it wasn’t too bad.  People weren’t fighting, or getting angry…or spraying people with pepper spray.  I find if you go into it expecting long lines and lots of people not knowing where they are going, it should be a breeze.

I also find it easier if you have a plan.  I know which stores I want to hit and once I get those done I just mosey along to where ever in the time I have left.

I also don’t really care about “door crashers” because there’s never really anything I need, so I go later on in the morning.

Today I hit Bayshore around 12:00.  I had almost 2 hours to look for what I had come to get.  I found those things plus a few more.  I got a couple items of clothing for Owen when he goes to school 2 falls from now.  I discovered an awesome brown leather jacket, and an amazing toiletry bag for 50% off at Urban Trade (bet you’re wondering how amazing a toiletry bag can be…well, you should see this one!).  Then I went into the craziness of Bath & Body Works.  This was the one store that actually had a long line and was insane.  BUT, I was able to get body wash for $3 and hand soap for $2!  After the mall I found winter boots I needed at Globo Shoes for 50% off.

So, my savings for entering craziness today?

Reg. Cost – $364.78

Paid – $168.66

Saved – $196.12!

Think I may do this again next year.  That’s as long as I have someone to watch O.  I didn’t take him with me into the mall.  There were other people there with strollers & kids and I just don’t understand why…why bring your baby/stroller and/or small kids to the mall on the busiest day of the year.  If I had no one to watch O, I just wouldn’t go…insanity.


2 responses to this post.

  1. That looks yummy! There’s a place here called “the infusion” (it’s a tea place) and they make a similar thing…almost like a BLT with avacado…it is soooo good!


  2. I completely commented on the wrong post! haha


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