Children of Purity Part I

Over a week ago I sat down with a wonderful lady whom I had never before met, but heard a lot about.  Pastor Dorothy is the Adult’s Pastor at Woodvale Pentecostal Church and her name had been passed on to me by a seminar speaker at the 2011 Youth/Children’s leaders conference for the PAOC Eastern Ontario District.

I attended several seminars over those 2 days but this one really sparked a fire in my heart.  The seminar was on raising our children to display a character of purity, in particular, sexual purity.  I took the most notes out of all the seminars.  The stats she gave were shocking, and the materials she shared, to help our children see the importance of purity, were amazing.  She shared so many great ideas to instill this in our children, and I wrote each of them down, along with my own ideas that were coming alive.

So many leaders were asking questions and we had so little time at the end, that I didn’t get a chance to ask the questions that were beginning to burn in my heart.  I waited until the rest of the leaders had a chance to talk with her after the seminar and I managed to catch her for a few short moments.

You see, the seminar had revolved a lot around raising girls to be pure.  Which is so very, very important.  We want our girls at a young age to have that confidence in herself, that confidence in Christ that so many lack.  If they could only see how precious they are in Christ eyes, and the damage that is done; emotionally, physically, psychologically, when they give themselves away to just anyone.  There are some amazing Christian organizations that now exist to help teen girls through this roller coaster part of their life.  Check out  Amazing organization.  Or check out, a organization worth getting behind in supporting teens who struggle with depression, self-mutilation, etc.

But, you see, I’m not a mother of a girl.  Oh, the many resources I could pull from if I had a daughter.  All the awesome “Dear Boy” t-shirts I could buy her!

I am the very proud mother of a son.  A son I hope will grow up to see himself as a child of the King.  A son I pray will become a man of purity.  A son who knows what it truly means to love a girl.  A son who will look for a girl who truly knows what it means to respect a boy.  I don’t want my son to become the boy in the “Dear boy” shirts girls will wear.  I want to raise a man of purity.

Well, you can google all you want, but there just isn’t the same amount of organizations that will teach and support my son like we have for daughters.  Oh, there’s books like “Raising Boys” by James Dobson, which is fine and dandy for me to read (which I presently am going through).  But what about something for my growing up to be a teenage son.  Where is his “Dear girl” shirt?

I can tell the seminar speaker is a little loss as to what resources to give me.  But, she does give me 2 names to be get in contact with.  One is a lady who lives closer to Toronto.  The other is Pastor Dorothy, whom I am already familiar with.  Senior’s pastor, single’s pastor, divorce care pastor.  I was told she is a wealth of information.  I contacted her the day I returned from the conference and she was more than willing to meet with me.

To be continued…


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