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“Owen, what does a fire truck say?”     “Wooooo!”

“Owen, what does a doggie say?”     “Oeuf, Oeuf”

“Owen, what does a train say?”     “too, too”

“Owen, where’s your nose?”     Points to nose and then puts finger IN nose (gosh, really…that

starts now?)

“Owen, where’s your tongue?”     Points to nose

“Owen, where’s your ears?”     Points to nose

NEW WORD:  Juice

NEW SIGN:  All Done

I think I’m going to work on the sign for sorry next…he seems to need to say that more now.  Sorry to all the people he’s hit with flying toys, slapped or pushed down (Sorry Medea).



So, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Since the last time I’ve posed something Owen had grown in leaps and bounds!  And I am a very proud mama.  He’s walking like a pro…almost running at times.  He is catching on to so many things, and one of those things are words.  He’s been saying “mom” for a while, but in the past month or so he’s added many more words and now it seems like he repeats a LOT of words that I say.  Most of the time they don’t sound like the word exactly, but he’s trying.  Here are the words that he is saying clearly and consistently.

Mom – obviously




Dawn (comes out as “Nawn”)

(Today he tried to say “Grammie“, but it’s not consistent yet…soon!)

Ball (comes out as “Baw”) – this is his favorite word and he knows exactly where his many balls are…he also calls ANYTHING that is circular in shape a “baw”

Hi – he says this while holding a phone to his ear

Bye – this one is kind of random.  He also waves when he is leaving or when I’m leaving

Amen (comes out as “maymen”)

Splash (comes out as “spash”) – this is his word for bath.  If you ask him if he wants to go “splash, splash” he will immediately drop whatever he is doing and make a bee line for the bathroom saying “spash, spash” over and over, lol

Book – this is his new word.  He started saying this a couple days ago.  He pronounces it very clearly and even makes sure he says his “k” at the end.  Plus, he knows what a book is…and he’ll bring you a book to read or if you ask him to get another book, he will go get one.

Aside from words, he also loves to point to his nose when you ask him where his nose is (dad told him he was nosey the other day and he pointed to his nose, haha).  He will also shake your hand if you put yours out and say “how do you do”…then he will go around the room, or table, and shake everyone elses hand.

Oh gosh, he is so cute!  I get so proud of him just writing this.

Yesterday he had a fall and got a “boo boo” by his eye.  I’ll leave you with a picture of my little trooper and his injury…