My Cutie

I took Owen to a photographer this week.  My husband takes wonderful pictures, but he doesn’t have a place to set up a studio (if he did, I’m sure his studio pictures would be amazing and I would’ve asked him to do them), and I wanted some studio pictures of O.  So, I searched long and hard and found a lady that took the type of pictures I was looking for and that had a package that I wanted.

There were a couple things that I wanted if I was going to have Owen’s pictures taken.  First, I wanted pictures that captured Owen’s personality.  Secondly, I wanted the price and pictures to be excellent.  Thirdly, I wanted to be given all my pictures (not just the ones that the photographer thought was good).

Oya, from Anzans Photography, exceeded all my expectations.  If you live in the Ottawa/Upper Quebec  area I highly recommend checking her out!  Here is what I got from her.

1.  She took 2 1/2 hours with Owen.  She took her time and if he got cranky while trying to get a certain shot we took a break in a separate room.

2.  She went for the “important pictures” first while he was in a good mood so we had them.  Those were the head shots that brought his eyes out.  Then we tried some others after that.  She asked me what I wanted and left things up to me yet also took charge…I liked that.

2.  She was willing to re-schedule our session if Owen wasn’t ok with it that day…at no extra cost!

3.  The cost was AWESOME for what I got!  It was $150 for the 2 1/2 hours.  On top of that (and unexpectedly), it included pictures of Owen and I!  Owen was getting tired and cranky toward the end when we went to take them so we didn’t get that many.  BUT, I can go back any time and she’ll take them for us!  AT NO EXTRA COST!

4.  I get ALL my pictures on cd.  She does a folder of pictures she’s worked on, and then another folder with ALL the pictures.  Most photographers make you purchase a package with a certain amount of pictures.  If you want more you have to pay for more.  I get ALL, I repeat, ALL my pictures on cd (included in the $150), to print as I like and put where I like…all she asks is that I giver her credit…which of course I will do!

All in all I was very impressed and will return to her as long as I remain in the Ottawa area!  It takes 2 weeks to get our pictures but she did a couple for me later that day and put them on Facebook so I could see them (another bonus!).  Here they are:

Photo by Anzans Photography

Hat by my mom 😉

Photo by Anzans Photography

Hat by my grandmother 😉

Child by Jon and Diana Billings, hehe 😉


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