He Needs Water! No, he doesn’t…

For those of you breastfeeding your babies & have had numerous people tell you your baby needs water before he dehydrates and withers away (including student doctors) this is for you:

Canadian Today’s Parent Magazine writes:

“Scientists who’ve studied this question found exclusively breastfed babies do fine without water, even in hot, steamy weather.  What’s more, experts recommend not giving water because it might interfere with normal weight gain.  (When your baby starts eating other foods, you can occasionally offer a little water in a cup.)  Breastmilk is actually a good thirst quencher.  It’s about 80% water and contains the right balance of sugar, salts and minerals to prevent dehydration.  But you might find that your baby wants to feed more frequently, notes Joanne Warren, a board-certified lactation consultant at St. Joseph’s Health Care London (Ont.).  The reason:  The first part of the breastmilk has more water content than the richer hindmilk.  Trust Mother Nature to come up with an ingenious way of helping babies beat the heat!”

I guess you could just accuse those who “inform” you that your child needs water, of telling God what he created just isn’t good enough.  See where that gets ya 😉


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