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New Things

Getting wings like my daddy

Standing holding onto something


Standing on my own for 1 mississippi

He also likes to wiggle to music at times, lol


As of Late…

Here are some things Owen has be doing and places he’s been this past week:

Getting ready for a tractor ride

Always lurching for the buttons

I’m a working man…the dirt goes to prove it!

He really likes tomatoes…go figure…neither Jon or I do

He went to Toronto and got to see a rabbit (he LOVED the rabbit)

He got to see his 2nd cousins while in Toronto.  They LOVED him.  They all kept wanting to hold him, and push his stroller, especially Rachel.

He got to see BIG, stuffed animals at the Bass Pro Shop

And he got to see BIG fish there too!

He got some much needed hats and shorts, like this one

And this one!  He’s growing too fast!

And I just really like this picture!

Fun Times!

I love his expression

Eating some ice cream

When Owen Laughs He LAUGHS!

I Like This Picture

I like this picture of Owen and I.  It was taken today, Canada Day!