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If you are having a baby you should get…

An Ergo…

They’re about $120 Canadian…but sooooo worth the money.  I’ve only had mine for about a month and I love it.  Friends that have had theirs for longer have also said it’s worth the bucks.  You can find it on Kijiji for about $80 usually.  I had a Baby Bijorn but it carried on the upper back (which killed since Owen is almost 20 lbs), plus the baby’s legs have poor circulation.  The Ergo carries on the hips…sooo much lighter!  It also is ergonomically correct so the baby’s legs have good circulation!  And it can be carried on the front, back and side.

Here’s the one I have:

Here’s what it looks like on someone I don’t know, lol:


Owen Loves His Grammie

He loves everyone else too…but this blog is for Grammie Billings