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Hanging Out With Mom

Big Eyes

Kisses for Mommy

I need to start working on my tan

Summer Feet


Owen’s New Specs

Owen has new sunglasses…ok, maybe 3 pairs…but they’re all different colors!  They fit around his head pretty good but they wont’ sit on his nose, lol.  Here are his red ones…

Yeah, that’s right…I’m THAT cool

Feeding Owen & Such *Picture Blog*

I’m not sure what I think about carrots

Leaves a pretty good moustache though

What is this she’s feeding me daddy?

(it was sweet potato)

I like it…may I have some more please?

You’re so funny mom!

Blowing bubbles/making “raspberries” according to child development, lol

Owen weighs in at…

18 lbs and 14 ozs!  He’s also now 26 1/4 inches long.

He’s just over a week away from being 5 months old…crazy how time flies!

I’m Sorry…

Do you know someone who is always quick to say “I’m sorry”…so much so that they say it ALL the time, for every little “mistake” they make because they don’t want to deal with the confrontation that may occur from what they’ve so called done wrong?  If you know me, then your answer is yes, you do know someone.

I’m trying really hard to find a balance between being the first to say you’re sorry in a healthy way and not just saying I’m sorry because I desperately want everything to be ok.  Sometimes people are not really looking for you to say you’re sorry (especially if you’re me and you use it so flippantly).  And sometimes you need to accept that things are just not ok for the time being and your “sorry” is not going to magically fix it.

I guess it’s like the boy who cried wolf.  If you cry wolf so many times over every little thing, once the big bad wolf actually does come, your cry isn’t heard…because it doesn’t mean as much.

I think I’ve cried wolf (I’m sorry) too many times and I’m afraid that now my “I’m sorry’s” don’t really mean as much.  That’s my fault…I’m sor….I mean, I’m trying to work on it…

Owen’s Sun Hat

It was so nice a couple days while we were in Freddy that Owen got to wear his first sun hat…I think he looks super cute 🙂

Going for a Ride on the Tractor

Took Owen for a ride today (you can click on the pictures to make them bigger)…

Then Owen decided that he should try driving…