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Helpful Things for Life with a Baby

Here are some things that I found helpful having and/or doing over these past 4 months with Owen:

1.  Infant Seat – I wasn’t going to get one of these.  I got a convertible car seat and thought that just taking Owen in and out of that where ever I went would be fine.  Well, after about a month of Owen’s constant crying I was tired of having him wake up every time I got him out of the car because then his crying would start.  Getting an infant seat was the most wonderful idea ever.  Now if he falls asleep in the car he stays sleep because I’m not friggin’ around trying to get him out!  I can bring him into restaurants, church events, etc, without him waking up (most of the time, haha). NOTE:  Owen had a bit of colic…your baby may be fine with you taking him in and out and may not make a peep. (It also was helpful that the infant seat fit with my stroller)

2.  Baby Wrap – Owen is only now starting to be ok in a carrier of any kind.  He still fusses when he’s being put in the wrap but afterwards he’s fine.  I like the way the wrap fits and I like how snug Owen feels in it.  It’s nice for times when you don’t want to take out a bulky stroller, or if you’re walking to some place that a stroller is hard to manoeuvre.  Just remember to spread out the wrap on your back and shoulders so you don’t kill your back with the weight, lol.  I didn’t like the sling at all, and I need to get a better carrier that goes around my waist instead of my upper back before I can determine whether I like it or not.

3. Co-Sleeping – BEST THING EVER if you are breastfeeding!  Reason 1:  You can just reach down and pick up the baby to feed him through the night…no getting out of your warm bed to walk to the crib to walk back to feed to walk back to put the baby down again.  When I get back home we are going to try and get Owen use to sleeping in his crib but for these past 4 months it saved my sanity to have him right next to me.  Reason #2:  It’s intimate.  I love looking at his face as he sleeps right next to me…he’s just so cute….when I put him down for naps I also lie next to him until he falls asleep (he like to suck on my finger) and sometimes he just stares at me with this cute little smile for quite a while.  I wouldn’t trade those moments for the world.   I also LOVE it when he first wakes up in the morning.  I unwrap him and he just goes crazy with his hands…grabbing my nose, and my eyes…and he’s just sooo cheerful.  It’s my favourite time of the day with Owen…it’s mommy & Owen time (and daddy time when he’s not working).

4.  Swaddling – I still swaddle Owen at night and for naps.  He still has a little of that baby reflex while he sleeps and when I don’t swaddle him he’s constantly bringing his hands to his face and waking up.  Swaddling your baby allows him to sleep longer and better therefore allowing you to sleep longer and better 🙂  I couldn’t for the life of me swaddle Owen tight enough in a blanket.  Morgan and Bonnie both gave me a baby swaddler (specifically made for swaddling a baby) and I use both of them ALL THE TIME.

5.  Toys that Make Noise – Entertainment, ’nuff said.



It’s been a while…try 3 months

It’s been over 3 months since I’ve blogged.  A lot has happened in those 3 months…and I’m not going to even try to write it all here.  I changed up the blog look…it’s March, the month of SPRING!  So, I thought I’d make it more fresh, and greeny (I know, that’s not a word).

Owen is 3 months and 5 days old!  He’s been quite a handful to say the least but I wouldn’t trade him for the world 🙂  From about 4 weeks on he developed quite a spout of gas which involved days on end of crying and discomfort.  I tried cutting out milk, I tried cutting out wheat and everything else.  For 4-5 days I ate nothing but rice, bananas, apples and pears with no results…not even the smallest.

I am glad to say though that at 3 months old, his gas has def. gone down!  He has gone from needing to be walked around constantly to sitting in your arms for small periods of time without crying.  Now we can put him on his playmat or in his bouncy chair for a while and he’s quite content.

He’s now developed a need to stay awake during the day, haha.  It’s DIFFICULT to get him to take his naps in the day.  He sleeps wonderful at night…he tosses and turns with some gas but he doesn’t wake up at all.  He’s given me a few nights with a 6 hour break before needed to be fed…but this past week I think he’s been going though his 3 month growth spurt and is up every 2-3 hours hungry!  BUT, thankfully he just barely wakes up to feed and to be changed and then after he goes right back to sleep again!  As I said though, he’s fighting his naps during the day…I keep telling him we are pretty boring people so he’s not going to miss anything, but he won’t hear anything of it.  I’ve resorted to swaddling him for his naps (I use to just swaddle him for the night), and letting him suck on my finger.  He’ll spit it out a few times and cry (which tires him out further) until he eventually falls asleep.  Sometimes I’ll walk with him after he’s cried a bit and he’s out pretty quick.

I’m not one for letting your baby cry because they need to “learn”.  Owen is so young that I believe if he needs to learn anything it’s to trust me.  That being said, sometimes he needs to cry just to make himself tired enough to sleep…otherwise he’ll be up for hours on end cranky and tired.  But I make sure I’m right there next to him and I offer my finger over and over for him to suck on.  That way he knows I’m still there…and I think that’s ok.  I know mom’s who just leave the room with their child crying…and there comes a time when Owen will need to learn to put himself to sleep, but that’s not now…he’s only 3 months…he doesn’t even know where to begin.

So, I will hold him when he cries, or offer him my finger (he won’t take a soother) until he falls asleep.  And if I want to hold my child while he sleeps, I think that’s ok too.  He’s learning I will be there always and that he can depend on me to be there.  And quite frankly, when you have a child that cries all the time, it’s nice to hold him during a time he’s not crying and cranky!  I think it’s more important that he learns to trust me than to learn to sleep on his own right now.  This is why I don’t believe you cannot spoil an infant…not during the first few months of life…you’re not spoiling him, you’re just helping him adjust to his new life outside the womb.

I’m also learning that Owen has a hard time napping if he’s over stimulated.  He can sleep in his stroller in the mall or when I go for walks, and he’ll nap in the car seat when we drive.  But, if I’m out somewhere with people and they’re talking he just cannot nap!  I guess it doesn’t help that people are all up in his face when he’s tired, lol.  He also naps better at home.  I can “make” him go to sleep in 15 minutes or less at home…so I think for now I will spend more time at home so he can get adequate naps…he needs them, boy does he need them 🙂

I also don’t believe in putting your breastfeed baby on a schedule.  Jean and I were talking about this the other day.  If your child is hungry, please feed him!  Too many mom’s make their child wait a certain amount of time because they need to be on a schedule.  In reality, it’s the parents that want the schedule…and I think that’s selfish.  I was watching The Dr.’s and Dr. Jim said that too many babies are not thriving because the parents are too concerned with their children being on a sleep schedule rather than feeding their babies when they’re hungry.  I can’t imagine saying to Owen, “I’m sorry, I know you’re hungry but you can’t eat for another hour because I need you to be on a schedule”.  Gosh, just feed your hungry child!  He’s hungry and needs to grow!  Sometimes Owen feeds every hour when he’s going through a growth spurt!

And I mean really, that’s my job!  I’m on mat. leave…my job these next few months is to feed, change, and interact with my baby…to take care of him.  He’s hungry, I feed him…doesn’t matter what time it is…or that he fed just an hour ago.

Anyways, I’m off my soapbox…

Here are a couple pics of Owen at 3 months!

Oh, did I say he looks JUST like his daddy still 😉

Coming back from swimming at the pool!

Getting a bath with daddy!

Owen has some eczema on his forehead (another thing he gets from his daddy)

Playing on his mat