Update…finally :)

Soooo…I made it to 39 weeks and 6 days 🙂  Wednesday evening (the night before my due date) at 6:44 Owen Mackenzie Billings was born, after a long early labor.  I went into labor around 4 am on Tuesday and we finally went to the hospital Wednesday around 2pm.  My contractions were about 7 minutes apart so we had to wait until they were 5 minutes apart to go in (since they would turn me away before that since I wasn’t in active labor).  It was a very hard and painful 36 hours (or so).

Got to the hospital and since my early labor was so long and hard I decided to get an epidural, which ended up being beneficial since a couple hours later I ended up needing a c-section.  I had a few complications (high blood pressure, “possible” big baby) so they made me aware that I may need one.  They were going to give me a few hours to see if I progressed on my own after they broke my water and if I didn’t they would do a c-section (well, they asked if I was fine with that route which I was like, anything to get this baby out of me at this point).  They came back about 5 minutes later and I guess my blood worked showed that I had preclampsia (pretty sure that’s spelled wrong but I’m too tired to look it up) so they were bring me in for a c-section for sure.  At this point the nurse told me it may take a couple hours to get everyone in place before that would happen…and then about 5 minutes later there were about 5 people in my room and I was being whisked away!  Needless to say this kind of made me a tad nervous…it all happened so quick…I had no time to prepare, even though I knew this was a possibility and I was fine with that possibility.

I got all prepped and Jon got to come in and be with me during the process.  I heard the doctor say something about a “he” when the baby came out…so I promptly asked Jon if it was indeed a boy and sure enough it was (I just knew he was going to be…even though I said I wasn’t sure)!  The doctor held him up and the first thing I said was that he looks JUST like his father 🙂  A few tears came out, lol.  I was then sewed up all while the baby was checked, shown to me one more time and taken to the nursery by Jon.  I went to the recovery room where my mom was.  After being there for about an hour they brought Jon and I to our room and then about 15 minutes later brought Owen in, which is where he has stayed from then on 🙂

It’s been an easy and hard couple days.  I HATE hospitals so I’m not fond of being here…but I’ve had a really easy recovery so far.  No pain at all, just a tad tender and uncomfortable.  I’m walking a bit slow…but I feel great!  Breastfeeding has been and still is an adventure.  Don’t believe anyone who says it comes natural…it does not…it’s defiantly a learning process for baby and mom and I am still learning and have called the nurses in time after time, lol.  I am so thankful I have a midwife who I will see a few more times in the next few weeks.

We get to go home tomorrow (Saturday)…prob. in the afternoon sometime.  My staples come out in the morning…I’m really looking forward to that, lol.  Can’t wait to get home and figure out what this whole parent thing is about 🙂  Not sure if I’ll be going to church on Sunday (sorry Calvary’ers who wanted to see the baby)…it will depend on how I feel.  As much as I want to show my handsome son off, I’m still recovering, lol.

Well, I should hand Jon back his computer so he can go home and get some sleep, so that when I come home tomorrow I can rest and he can be responsible, haha.

I’ll post pictures later 🙂


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