Continuation of My Hospital Story

I promise this post will be shorter 🙂

So, I came back into the Queensway Hospital for my 10:00 appointment.  My parents brought me in since Jon had to work from 6-2 (poor guy)…I mean I’m only going in for blood work and a urine test right?  Wrong!

So I’m sitting uncomfortably in this bed in Triage…from about 10-2.  In that time period everyone I saw seemed to be a new nurse (who had to keep asking questions on how to do certain things…at least she was nice and did her job accurately) or a Resident with a student.  In my head I’m thinking, I HOPE I get to see the real OB I was suppose to meet today because to be quite honest I didn’t want to put my 37 week pregnant trust in someone who is just learning.  Don’t tell me it’s probably just muscle pain…I’m not a nurse and I know that there’s got to be something more than that.

After sitting there until 2, the OB finally comes in…I already know what’s up cause they talk a little loud outside my curtain.  My blood test & Urinalysis are back and it seems I have a bladder infection.  So, she comes in and because I only have 1 1/2 kidney’s they don’t want to take the chance of just sending me home with medication since I’m at risk.  They would like to admit me overnight and hook me to an IV of antibiotics to clear this up fast because the infection may have gone up into my kidney’s too and they don’t want to take a chance with me being this far along.  I’m ok with that…I’d rather be safe than sorry.

So the new nurse that has been taking all my tests and such comes in and takes more blood work and “tries” to start an IV.  I saw tried because apparently I have small veins so her first attemp didn’t work.  She had another “seasoned” nurse try the second time bless her heart.

I then waited another 2 hours in that room for them to move me to where I would be spending the night.  In those two hours I had the sadness of hearing a mother being told that her baby would likely not survive as she has lost all of her fluids in her placenta (she was 23 weeks)…it was sad to listen to her cry…and then be given the options…and then leave with her mom.

I got moved to my room, Jon arrived and spent a couple hours with me to keep me company (and bring me stuff)…I tried going to bed early but that didn’t work…I found out Bath and Body Works is now open in the Bayshore Mall from the night nurse!!  I discovered hospital beds are extremely uncomfortable, having a needle stuck up your arm all evening and night and now morning is uncomfortable…I also learned that having that much fluid pumped through you makes you need to pee A LOT.  I finally fell asleep at 2 and then was up every hour to use the bathroom.

My nurse came in at 5 to take my blood, and then again at 6:30…I also had to give another urine sample.  They just got shipped to the lab about an hour ago so I’m just waiting to hear back about if I need more antibiotics and how much and how my kidney’s are doing…and then HOPEFULLY I can find out when I get to go home!

All in all, I didn’t sleep much…I got poked 7 times with a needle since I arrived at 10 yesterday morning…and I hate IV’s!

But I’m feeling better!


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  1. Posted by Dorothy Davis on November 11, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    Sad to hear about the young mom. Don’t know if it was the same one I heard at the door to get let in. She said something about some problems, when she was on the phone to be let in.


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