37 Weeks – Full Term

I’m 37 weeks today!  3-5 more weeks to go…time is going by…sooo….slowly!  I saw a student midwife (who happens to be related to people I know from Bethany!) this week and she said the baby’s head has made it’s way down into my pelvis but is still not deeply implanted in there…so I guess I’m not going today or tomorrow, lol.  With your first pregnancy the head digs deep into your pelvis a couple weeks before you go into labor…so I’m just waiting for that to happen 🙂

37 weeks means I’m full term, which means baby could come at any time now and it would be ok…not a premie.  The next few weeks Baby Billings is just putting on some extra pounds and practicing to enter into the real world.  At this point he/she is about 6.5 lbs and 20 inches long from head to toe.

My friend Pam had her baby today!  She had a baby girl, 7 lbs 15 ozs!  How exciting!  It makes me more excited for when Baby Billings arrives and yet at the same time has seemed to make the time go by soooo much slower, lol.

I’ve decided to go with the Midwives for my birth and thought I’d share how they’re different than going through a OB or doctor.  I’ve very much enjoyed it so far.  My appointments are longer and more personal.  I really like my midwife, Natalie.  She will deliver my baby at the Queensway Hospital.  I could’ve chosen a home birth but I’m not really into them and I’m a bit of a worrier so I figured I’d rather start where I could possibly end up if I have complications.

Right now I’m seeing my midwife every week.  I like them because they are pro-choice.  So, if there’s a test that I don’t have to take, I have the choice to take it or not.  They make sure you know it’s your choice too and don’t just tell you about the test making you feel like you’re obligated to take it (like I feel at the doctor’s office).  I still get the same amount of ultrasounds (whether you’re with a doctor or a midwife, you normally only get 1 ultrasound…you may get another later on if they have any concerns with the 20 weeks one or need to check something).

So, here’s what will happen when labor starts.  When my contractions are 5 minutes apart I call my midwife…there’s no need to go to the hospital before this…if i did, I would prob. be sent home because it’s not time yet.  She will either come to my house and assess me and then send me to the hospital (and meet me there) or she may just send me directly to the hospital (and meet me there)…depends on how I sound on the phone.  I’ve tested positive for GBS (a lot of women do test positive…and I may not with my next child…it’s different each time) so she’ll want to get me to the hospital to be hooked up to the antibiotics I need during delivery…no biggie.

So, once I get to the hospital I’ll be admitted.  I’ve requested to NOT be put on pain medication for the first bit.  I’d like to see what my pain tolerance is (who knows, maybe I can do the whole thing epidural free!!).  So, we’ll try other pain measures first like the TENS unit, the hot tub & the laughing gas.  After trying those, if I am still asking for an epidural, she will get the anesthesiologist to give me one (providing I still have a ways to go in my labor…if I’m just about to push out the baby she won’t because by the time the epidural kicks in the baby will be born and I wont’ be able to walk, lol).

IF there are any complications she will have to step down and a doctor will have to take over since she’s not a doctor (i.e. C-Section).

After I deliver the baby my midwife will leave us be for about an hour or more so we can “bond.”  She will return and do some mandatory tests.  If I had NO complications and the baby is healthy and everything is a-ok, I can go home within a couple hours after delivers (my choice…the midwife asked if I’d like to go home or stay and I said I’d like to go home as soon as I can…I can also change my mind if I want after the baby is born…but I would really like to come home).

Here’s the part I really like.  If I was with a doctor, once I went home I wouldn’t see anyone for 6 weeks after the delivery…that’s a long time.  My midwife visits me the first 3 days after I deliver.  Each day, for 3 days, she will come by our house and make sure everything is hunky dorey and that I’m doing well with breastfeeding and such.  Baby & I then come into her office 3 more times over 5 weeks.  All in all I see her 6 times before my 1st check up with our reg. doctor.  I think that’s why I’d like to come home shortly after I deliver if I can…why stay and have the nurses do what my midwife can do in the comfort of my home!

So there ya go, a LONG, in-depth description of what hopefully my midwife experience will be in labor!

Here are my 37 week pics!








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