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Update…finally :)

Soooo…I made it to 39 weeks and 6 days 🙂  Wednesday evening (the night before my due date) at 6:44 Owen Mackenzie Billings was born, after a long early labor.  I went into labor around 4 am on Tuesday and we finally went to the hospital Wednesday around 2pm.  My contractions were about 7 minutes apart so we had to wait until they were 5 minutes apart to go in (since they would turn me away before that since I wasn’t in active labor).  It was a very hard and painful 36 hours (or so).

Got to the hospital and since my early labor was so long and hard I decided to get an epidural, which ended up being beneficial since a couple hours later I ended up needing a c-section.  I had a few complications (high blood pressure, “possible” big baby) so they made me aware that I may need one.  They were going to give me a few hours to see if I progressed on my own after they broke my water and if I didn’t they would do a c-section (well, they asked if I was fine with that route which I was like, anything to get this baby out of me at this point).  They came back about 5 minutes later and I guess my blood worked showed that I had preclampsia (pretty sure that’s spelled wrong but I’m too tired to look it up) so they were bring me in for a c-section for sure.  At this point the nurse told me it may take a couple hours to get everyone in place before that would happen…and then about 5 minutes later there were about 5 people in my room and I was being whisked away!  Needless to say this kind of made me a tad nervous…it all happened so quick…I had no time to prepare, even though I knew this was a possibility and I was fine with that possibility.

I got all prepped and Jon got to come in and be with me during the process.  I heard the doctor say something about a “he” when the baby came out…so I promptly asked Jon if it was indeed a boy and sure enough it was (I just knew he was going to be…even though I said I wasn’t sure)!  The doctor held him up and the first thing I said was that he looks JUST like his father 🙂  A few tears came out, lol.  I was then sewed up all while the baby was checked, shown to me one more time and taken to the nursery by Jon.  I went to the recovery room where my mom was.  After being there for about an hour they brought Jon and I to our room and then about 15 minutes later brought Owen in, which is where he has stayed from then on 🙂

It’s been an easy and hard couple days.  I HATE hospitals so I’m not fond of being here…but I’ve had a really easy recovery so far.  No pain at all, just a tad tender and uncomfortable.  I’m walking a bit slow…but I feel great!  Breastfeeding has been and still is an adventure.  Don’t believe anyone who says it comes natural…it does not…it’s defiantly a learning process for baby and mom and I am still learning and have called the nurses in time after time, lol.  I am so thankful I have a midwife who I will see a few more times in the next few weeks.

We get to go home tomorrow (Saturday)…prob. in the afternoon sometime.  My staples come out in the morning…I’m really looking forward to that, lol.  Can’t wait to get home and figure out what this whole parent thing is about 🙂  Not sure if I’ll be going to church on Sunday (sorry Calvary’ers who wanted to see the baby)…it will depend on how I feel.  As much as I want to show my handsome son off, I’m still recovering, lol.

Well, I should hand Jon back his computer so he can go home and get some sleep, so that when I come home tomorrow I can rest and he can be responsible, haha.

I’ll post pictures later 🙂


39 Long Weeks

Well, I’ve made it past 39 weeks!  Inching up on 40…literally inching…that’s what it feels like.  Thankfully my days have been kept somewhat busy this past week so it didn’t go by toooooo slow…we’ll see what this week is like, and the next.

Not really much to update…it’s just a waiting game now.  Had an ultrasound this past Friday at the Queensway.  Baby is still showing to be over 9 lbs.  We’ll see about that, lol.  Anyways, here are my 39 week pics 🙂

38 Weeks

I celebrated 38 weeks on Thursday with being released from the hospital!  My suppose to be 24 hour stay ended up being a ridiculous, uncalled for, 3 night stay.  I’d rather not re-hash all stupidness of it so we’ll just say I’m glad to be home!  My back is in pain (due to the hospital bed) and my legs look like 2 tree trunks (sooo uncomfortable).  The fluid they had going through my IV for 3 days made my legs swell up so bad…I’m trying desperately to get the swelling to go down but being 38 weeks pregnant doesn’t help, lol.

There’s something about being in a hospital for a few days that makes you feel like you’ve been gone for a month.  I lost a little bit of my baby excitement for a few days after getting back for a couple reasons: 1.  I don’t want to go back to the hospital.  2.  I have to start from square one again (re-packing my hospital bag) 3.  My house is now a mess.  I also was just so tired from getting no sleep there, that I just didn’t want baby to arrive in the state I was in.  I woke up this morning with my excitement back 🙂  I re-packed my bag (this time know what I need and don’t need for a hospital stay) and made brownies today!  Yum!

So, back to my baby update!  38 weeks means only 2-4 weeks left!  Jon’s guessing this Thursday at 3 in the afternoon I will go into labor, lol (that will make me 39 weeks exactly).  There’s really not a whole lot going on with baby.  The last few weeks of pregnancy the baby is mostly just putting on a little chub and getting ready to enter the world!  He/She would be approx. 6.8-7 lbs (although if you want to go according to our ultrasound this past week our baby is just over 9lbs already…yeah right) and is about 17-20 inches long.

Here are my 38 week pics…taken a bit late since I’ve been exhausted after getting home late Thursday afternoon.  I look so swollen in them…




Continuation of My Hospital Story

I promise this post will be shorter 🙂

So, I came back into the Queensway Hospital for my 10:00 appointment.  My parents brought me in since Jon had to work from 6-2 (poor guy)…I mean I’m only going in for blood work and a urine test right?  Wrong!

So I’m sitting uncomfortably in this bed in Triage…from about 10-2.  In that time period everyone I saw seemed to be a new nurse (who had to keep asking questions on how to do certain things…at least she was nice and did her job accurately) or a Resident with a student.  In my head I’m thinking, I HOPE I get to see the real OB I was suppose to meet today because to be quite honest I didn’t want to put my 37 week pregnant trust in someone who is just learning.  Don’t tell me it’s probably just muscle pain…I’m not a nurse and I know that there’s got to be something more than that.

After sitting there until 2, the OB finally comes in…I already know what’s up cause they talk a little loud outside my curtain.  My blood test & Urinalysis are back and it seems I have a bladder infection.  So, she comes in and because I only have 1 1/2 kidney’s they don’t want to take the chance of just sending me home with medication since I’m at risk.  They would like to admit me overnight and hook me to an IV of antibiotics to clear this up fast because the infection may have gone up into my kidney’s too and they don’t want to take a chance with me being this far along.  I’m ok with that…I’d rather be safe than sorry.

So the new nurse that has been taking all my tests and such comes in and takes more blood work and “tries” to start an IV.  I saw tried because apparently I have small veins so her first attemp didn’t work.  She had another “seasoned” nurse try the second time bless her heart.

I then waited another 2 hours in that room for them to move me to where I would be spending the night.  In those two hours I had the sadness of hearing a mother being told that her baby would likely not survive as she has lost all of her fluids in her placenta (she was 23 weeks)…it was sad to listen to her cry…and then be given the options…and then leave with her mom.

I got moved to my room, Jon arrived and spent a couple hours with me to keep me company (and bring me stuff)…I tried going to bed early but that didn’t work…I found out Bath and Body Works is now open in the Bayshore Mall from the night nurse!!  I discovered hospital beds are extremely uncomfortable, having a needle stuck up your arm all evening and night and now morning is uncomfortable…I also learned that having that much fluid pumped through you makes you need to pee A LOT.  I finally fell asleep at 2 and then was up every hour to use the bathroom.

My nurse came in at 5 to take my blood, and then again at 6:30…I also had to give another urine sample.  They just got shipped to the lab about an hour ago so I’m just waiting to hear back about if I need more antibiotics and how much and how my kidney’s are doing…and then HOPEFULLY I can find out when I get to go home!

All in all, I didn’t sleep much…I got poked 7 times with a needle since I arrived at 10 yesterday morning…and I hate IV’s!

But I’m feeling better!

“If this is what labor feels like, I want an epidural right away”

That’s what I said this morning…as Jon was driving me to the Carleton Place ER 🙂  It’s been a rough two days for my body.

I woke up yesterday morning and could’ve swore I was going into labor (for someone who doesn’t know what labor feels like, lol).  I just lay on the couch, shivering cause I was freezing, and finally the painful “contractions” subsided (which proved they weren’t real labor pains, just practice ones I guess).  Immediately afterwards I developed a fever which kept going up till it peaked at 38.7 and then went right back down to normal…all within a couple hours..weird.  Oh, and I also felt like my entire uterus was going to fall out when I stood.  Around supper time I felt pretty much completely ok.  Jon thought maybe I had the flu so he decided to sleep on the couch so I wouldn’t “breathe” germs on him that night, lol.

Now here comes this morning.  I tossed and turned all night with a slight abdominal discomfort…normal…since I’m over 37 weeks pregnant.  Then around 6:00 my abdominal pain dissipated and all of a sudden I got sharp pains in my right side.  I tried sleeping on my right side which felt horrible.  I tried sleeping on my left side which felt not so horrible but still pretty horrible.  I lay there for about an hour as the pain kept getting worse.  Finaly I couldn’t take it anymore…I sat up which made it worse, I used the bathroom which didn’t help, I walked up the stairs slowly  and by the time I sat on the couch and woke Jon up I was in EXCRUCIATING pain.  He helped me get dressed and drove me to the ER in Carleton Place.  He then took my place at the church to lead worship.

I knew this wasn’t a “baby pain” so I was pretty much 100% certain my baby was ok…it was moving which wasn’t helping my pain AT all.  My worry was either my shrunken kidney was having problems or that I had appendicitis…neither of which I wanted to continue to have problems with in labor.  I sat in the waiting room, I winced in pain, I got light headed, and I saw stars.  Finally I was brought in and the doctor ordered blood work and such.  The blood lady came and asked if I was ok with needles, which I am totally fine with but by this time I’m pretty lightheaded so she had me lie down.  So for 20 minutes, while I waited for my next instructions I lay on the one side that wasn’t as bad and moaned and moaned.

They then told me that I needed to call the midwives and go to the Queensway in Ottawa since that is where I’m delivering just to take some extra tests to make sure the baby is ok (which I knew it was, sigh…I was worried about ME).  At this point Jon’s in practice so we have mom and Elizabeth bring me in (the Tylenol has kicked in now that they gave me in the CP hospital so I’m a little more able to move).  I arrive…they hook me up to a fetal monitor.  Baby is GREAT, moving around like crazy…heartbeat is awesome…Braxton Hick contractions are quite frequent…again not helping the pain.

Leslie (midwife) and her student (Leah who I met this previous week…I like her) arrive and asked about what I had experienced the past couple days.  They checked to see if I was dilated at all, to which I wasn’t.  They pressed on my belly where the pain was (and it hurt).  They met with an OB to consult.  I guess everyone’s concern was that my pain was accompanied by a fever the day before, since that’s a sign of appendicitis.  Sooo, at this point they’re still waiting for my blood work from CP…which never does arrive before I leave.  OB takes over and midwives leave and at 2:00 I go in for an ultrasound (Jon’s here by now…he left right after worship).  My ultrasound shows that I have a FANTASTIC baby (well, I could’ve saved them all that trouble…I knew it wasn’t the baby!)  I didn’t get to really see the baby…she had the screen facing her…Jon got to see the baby at the end…we got a picture but it just looks like a white mess…I can’t even see a baby, lol.  She took pictures of most of my organs…the ones the baby would let her take.

She couldn’t get a picture of my appendix because of the baby.  So, in the end the OB has me coming in tomorrow to get blood work done there and have my right side examined again by the OB in at that time.  She said it takes a couple days for appendicitis to become apparent so they want to double check.  If I have any more pain or fever I’m suppose to come in immediately.  She also said I could just be passing a small stone, which they can’t see cause I’m pregnant.  Or she said it could be some other thing that I can’t remember that isn’t really a big deal.  Anyways, by the time they’re done with me I’m no longer in the same pain as earlier this morning…and they aren’t too concerned right now.  I’m taking Tylenol to get rid of the nagging discomfort/vague pain.  it still hurts when I press on it.

On a different note:  The ultrasound tech asked if I wanted to know the sex (they wouldn’t let Jon in until the end to see the baby) to which I said “No, we’re keeping it a surprise.”  Then she proceeded to say “It’s always when it’s obvious that the parents don’t want to know the sex.”  Does that mean I’m having a boy since that’s the sex that is obvious?  That’s what I took it as…Jon says it didn’t mean anything 😉

37 Weeks – Full Term

I’m 37 weeks today!  3-5 more weeks to go…time is going by…sooo….slowly!  I saw a student midwife (who happens to be related to people I know from Bethany!) this week and she said the baby’s head has made it’s way down into my pelvis but is still not deeply implanted in there…so I guess I’m not going today or tomorrow, lol.  With your first pregnancy the head digs deep into your pelvis a couple weeks before you go into labor…so I’m just waiting for that to happen 🙂

37 weeks means I’m full term, which means baby could come at any time now and it would be ok…not a premie.  The next few weeks Baby Billings is just putting on some extra pounds and practicing to enter into the real world.  At this point he/she is about 6.5 lbs and 20 inches long from head to toe.

My friend Pam had her baby today!  She had a baby girl, 7 lbs 15 ozs!  How exciting!  It makes me more excited for when Baby Billings arrives and yet at the same time has seemed to make the time go by soooo much slower, lol.

I’ve decided to go with the Midwives for my birth and thought I’d share how they’re different than going through a OB or doctor.  I’ve very much enjoyed it so far.  My appointments are longer and more personal.  I really like my midwife, Natalie.  She will deliver my baby at the Queensway Hospital.  I could’ve chosen a home birth but I’m not really into them and I’m a bit of a worrier so I figured I’d rather start where I could possibly end up if I have complications.

Right now I’m seeing my midwife every week.  I like them because they are pro-choice.  So, if there’s a test that I don’t have to take, I have the choice to take it or not.  They make sure you know it’s your choice too and don’t just tell you about the test making you feel like you’re obligated to take it (like I feel at the doctor’s office).  I still get the same amount of ultrasounds (whether you’re with a doctor or a midwife, you normally only get 1 ultrasound…you may get another later on if they have any concerns with the 20 weeks one or need to check something).

So, here’s what will happen when labor starts.  When my contractions are 5 minutes apart I call my midwife…there’s no need to go to the hospital before this…if i did, I would prob. be sent home because it’s not time yet.  She will either come to my house and assess me and then send me to the hospital (and meet me there) or she may just send me directly to the hospital (and meet me there)…depends on how I sound on the phone.  I’ve tested positive for GBS (a lot of women do test positive…and I may not with my next child…it’s different each time) so she’ll want to get me to the hospital to be hooked up to the antibiotics I need during delivery…no biggie.

So, once I get to the hospital I’ll be admitted.  I’ve requested to NOT be put on pain medication for the first bit.  I’d like to see what my pain tolerance is (who knows, maybe I can do the whole thing epidural free!!).  So, we’ll try other pain measures first like the TENS unit, the hot tub & the laughing gas.  After trying those, if I am still asking for an epidural, she will get the anesthesiologist to give me one (providing I still have a ways to go in my labor…if I’m just about to push out the baby she won’t because by the time the epidural kicks in the baby will be born and I wont’ be able to walk, lol).

IF there are any complications she will have to step down and a doctor will have to take over since she’s not a doctor (i.e. C-Section).

After I deliver the baby my midwife will leave us be for about an hour or more so we can “bond.”  She will return and do some mandatory tests.  If I had NO complications and the baby is healthy and everything is a-ok, I can go home within a couple hours after delivers (my choice…the midwife asked if I’d like to go home or stay and I said I’d like to go home as soon as I can…I can also change my mind if I want after the baby is born…but I would really like to come home).

Here’s the part I really like.  If I was with a doctor, once I went home I wouldn’t see anyone for 6 weeks after the delivery…that’s a long time.  My midwife visits me the first 3 days after I deliver.  Each day, for 3 days, she will come by our house and make sure everything is hunky dorey and that I’m doing well with breastfeeding and such.  Baby & I then come into her office 3 more times over 5 weeks.  All in all I see her 6 times before my 1st check up with our reg. doctor.  I think that’s why I’d like to come home shortly after I deliver if I can…why stay and have the nurses do what my midwife can do in the comfort of my home!

So there ya go, a LONG, in-depth description of what hopefully my midwife experience will be in labor!

Here are my 37 week pics!







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