36 Weeks and Really?

So, I read an article this week that has absolutely nothing to do with pregnancy or babies…but I’m going to put both in this post…

Nothing really new to add in regards to pregnancy updates…I find once you reach a certain point it’s really just a waiting game and most things are the same ole’, same ole’.  So here I sit 4-6 weeks away from holding my baby…just waiting…uncomfortably waiting.

Baby Billings is approx. 6lbs and about 19 inches from head to toe.  Had a midwife appointment today…baby is still head down and beginning to drop a “little” at a time.  Which would explain my uncomfortable bowling ball feeling at times, my need to use the bathroom often, and the fact that sometimes I still can’t breathe 🙂  Baby Billings is kicking up a STORM now…it’s really funny to watch my stomach sometimes.

So, now onto the article I read.  It was on CNN (I’ve posted a link down below so you can read it to).  Is this really what our world is coming to on the view of marriage…that it is gradually moving away from being a monogamous relationship?  A man being interviewed in the article states “We found the expectation that one person should be our everything seemed unrealistic given our day and age.”  It then also goes on to state the words of a writer who says, “Monogamy, which is really no more than a useful social convention, will not survive. It has rarely been honored in practice; soon, it will vanish even as an ideal.”

There is such truth to that statement.  It is rarely honored.  But the sad part is that this article shows that our world says that’s ok.  We’ve moved from having affairs in marriages to it’s ok to have affairs in marriage…or it’s ok to have more than one partner.  I guess I didn’t really see that jump was actually happening until I read this article…and it made me sad.

I for one am glad that I am married to Jon and Jon only and that I don’t have to feel like I’m not enough for him.  God, forgive our world’s willing acceptance of sin.  May we who believe that marriage is between two people, for the rest of our lives, live the difference so that the world can see…through the rough times and the easy times!

(I will give the article props for ending with the fact that monogamous relationships are the most beneficial)


Here are 36 week pics!







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