34 Weeeeekkkssss

34 weeks today!  “Ow” is a common word heard around my house now.  Also “What’s wrong?” coming from Jon and “Oh, it’s just the baby” from me.

I’m going to keep this one short because I don’t have the patience to write a long entry tonight and because I just wrote my 33 week one just a couple days ago (I was late).

So, Baby Billings is approx. 4.7-5 lbs and 18 inches from top to toe.  That seems really long but I have to remember that it is all curled up in there so really it’s not looking like 18 inches.  His/her bum makes a daily appearance in my right side…very uncomfortable.  My hands are swollen often now.  I took a picture of my hand when we had stopped in Montreal this week at ikea…but the picture doesn’t do it justice…they were swollen pretty bad.

Anyways, here are my 34 week pics…







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