Pros and Cons

I’m 32 weeks pregnant today.  Yay, another milestone (according to my head and thinking)!  8 Weeks to go…which I’m sure are going to fly by.  Between vacation, being left “in charge” while my parents are away for 2 weeks on their missions trip, and the last minute “oh my goodness, baby could be here any day, I need to get/do some last minute things”, I’m sure the time will FLY by!

I thought I’d do something a little different this week.  I’ll give you the baby stats and then I’m going to compile a list of pros and cons of being pregnant.  So, if you’re squimish, or you blush when you hear the words “boob” or “breast”…you may not want to read the remainder of this blog.  I think the best thing for me before I got pregnant is that I had a friend who believed/believes in being completely honest about pregnancy and the such.  We’ve had some good conversation that would prob. have made ME blush before I got married.  So, if you’re going to get pregnant, find someone who will be honest with you about what it involves and brings…it will be one of the best thing you do!  You know what, you should have one of those friends when it comes to marriage too…you’ll realize you’re not alone in a LOT of funny things.

Oh, and I’ll keep adding to the list as my pregnancy comes to a completion, as I’m sure there are MANY more fun things ahead in the next 8 weeks!

So, Baby Billings is approx. 4lbs and 17 inches from head to toe.  I should get out a measuring tape and see how long that really is…yes, I suck at anything math related so I cannot picture it in my head.  Oh gosh, it’s 8 weeks away…I think it’s finally hit Jon and I.  It’s made me very excited and Jon very nervous, haha.

Well, to my list.  Keep in mind, these are pros and cons that I experienced.  So, when you look at my list and don’t see anything about throwing up or diarrhea, I was blessed to not have to deal with those symptoms so they will not make my list. ALSO, some of my pros will also be my cons.  ALSO, there may be more cons in the end but I believe the pros are soooo huge that they outweigh all the little cons.

Here goes…

Pros and Cons of Pregnancy


1.  No period for 9 (or more) months – Every woman’s dream

2.  Your boobs get bigger – You will also find this on my con list.  Those of you who lamented over your tiny breasts, pregnancy is a good breast booster, haha.  It’s amazingly weird.

3.  You have a LIFE growing inside of you – every day you are reminded that inside of you is a little being who God created to be your child, unique and very special

4.  You become more aware of what you eat and drink – I mean, I’m still eating sugary things like it was going out of style and I still drink pop & tea…but I don’t do it as much.  It makes you think twice about what you’re taking in your body during one day.

5.  People help you do things – Usually they want to help you MORE than you’d like…I can still lift a chair…I’m pregnant not handicap.  BUT, it is nice that people are concerned about your wellbeing.

6.  You get the joy of seeing other people find joy in your new life- like new-to-be-grandparents.

7.  Everyone thinks you look cute – baby bumps do that.  You could look the worse you’ve every thought you did and people will STILL think you are cute.

8.  Getting things/Putting things together for your first baby is SO MUCH FUN – I’ve gone through my stuff a couple times already and I’m already feeling another “look through” coming here soon.

9.  You have a LIFE growing inside of you – did I mention that already??  Seriously though, those little flutters that turn into summersaults that turn into kicks in the pelvis and jabs in the ribs are really special…you will never feel anything like it, ever, in your whole life.


1.  Your boobs get bigger – some of your shirts don’t fit anymore, or are very uncomfortable.  You will need to buy new bras every few months and boy are they VERY tender during your first trimester!  Also, people will make comments about how much you’ve “grown” AND they will make those same comments to their husbands about YOU…something I find extremely strange and uncomfortable.

2.  Heartburn – I didn’t get this until my 3rd trimester, but it is NOT fun.

3.  Gas – it just constantly runs through your body and comes out whatever end it wants to, whenever it wants to, and if you don’t let it come out it gets crammed back into your already tight digestive system causing either heartburn OR digestive pains.  Also, you may find that when you do need to burp, it won’t come out and it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever.  And you thought I wouldn’t be honest…

4.  Kicks that were once cute start to become either painful, annoying or uncomfortable – your baby will dig into/hit parts you never knew it could.  Your baby will keep you up at night when they think they are a part of a circus that just arrived in your belly.  Your baby will sit on or lean against body parts that just should be left alone, like your bladder and your lungs.

5.  Sleepless nights – between insomnia, excitement, inability to get comfortable and the baby’s kicking you may be up countless hours and/or tossing and turning uncontrollably.

6.  Feeling of heaviness – right about when you enter your 3rd trimester you start to feel the weight of your belly.  Getting up and down becomes a chore.  Trying to put your shoes and socks on becomes a chore.  Walking becomes a chore…

7.  Breathlessness – I have times where I just can’t breath very good.  It’s started to happen at night now when I’m trying to sleep…depends on which way I lie and it’s different every night and during the night.  It use to only happen in the day.  My heart starts to race and I feel like I’m not getting enough air.  Then it passes…before I pass out.

8.  Maternity pants – I HATE them.  They never want to stay up and when they start to fall so does your underwear.  I have to put the belly part all the way up, put my bella band over it, a tank top over that and then my shirt.  Even THEN, they STILL will not stay up the best!  I despise them and am thankful I can still fit into a couple pairs of my reg. jeans so I don’t have to wear them all the time.

Well, I think that covers it for now…I’ll add more as I think of them…


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