30 Weeks

So, I’ve been a little late this week posting and taking pictures…not that I’ve been SUPER busy…just every time I remember to get the pics taken I can’t…and then I’d forget later.

I’m tired right now so this will be a shorty…

Baby Billings is approx. 15 inches from crown to toe and weighs approx. 3-4 lbs.  Baby is quite active .  There was one time I tapped myself on the belly (more than just a light tap…just to see what it would do) and I think I scared it cause it jumped in a “Oh my goodness, what was that?” kind of way…it was funny…man am I tired right now…

As of late I experience: heartburn, inability to burp when I feel like I need to (which is very frustrating and causes some of my heartburn), gas (I know…it’s not exactly girly to say…but face it…pregnancy produces more gas…I’m just being honest), sleepless nights, achy back, swollen fingers (my wedding ring and engagement ring won’t come off), extreme breathlessness which makes me somewhat light-headed, and yeah…I’m tired so I’m going to end right there and go to bed…

Here are 30 week pics.  I’ll post a really good video of Baby Billings moving later!





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