28 Weeks

UPDATE:  Added video below of Baby Billings moving

For some reason 28 weeks is a milestone for me….milestone weeks goes sort of like this in my head:

12 Weeks






I don’t know why, but it does…so I made it to 28 weeks!!  I think baby has moved up some cause I feel him/her moving further up my belly.  Still moving quite a bit with big pokes and kicks…and just plain changing position which I am lucky to see at times.

I’m finding it quite uncomfortable, sometime impossible to bend down…this is especially hard now that the weather is cooling a bit and I need to put socks on…sigh.  I’ve also started to have back and feet pain at times.

I had my glucose test yesterday (the day I turned 28 weeks).  The drink wasn’t bad at all…it tasted JUST like orange crush pop which I love so that was no biggie…but it didn’t effect me in the best of ways.  I had to wait an hour in the lab at the hospital after I drank it before they could test me.  In that hour I had a couple hot flashes where I really thought I was going to pass out.  I considered running outside to get some fresh air but it was so busy there I would lose my seat…and I didn’t feel like standing for an hour.  So I sat and looked around (I found that helped) and concentrated on breathing.  I brought a book but reading only made it worse.  I finally made it in, 2 minutes later I was on my way home where I lay in bed until it passed, lol.

I also have come down with a cold this week.  Stuffy, sore throat, and tired are all words that consume my days right now.  You know when you’re nose is sooo stuffed that you can breath out of one nostril…I HATE that feeling…I think it’s because it makes me feel like I can’t breath at all.  I also dislike it because it means I have to breath out of mouth which makes my sore throat worse.

My Uncle Mike and his family are up visiting with us.  They’re at my parents so that’s where I am most of the time.  They’re fun 🙂  They have 4 kids under the age of 11 so I enjoy spending time with them.  They’re going to come over to our place tomorrow to watch some Myth Busters or something.  They were up last year and I hung out with them for a couple weeks…I wish I could do more with them this year but I just get so tired and there are some things that I just can’t do when pregnant…like jump on the big water bed bladder with them in the yard…lol

Well, Baby Billings is approx. 2 -3 lbs and 15 inches from top to toes.  He/She also has fingernails appearing and the eyebrows and eyelids are formed!  Here are some pictures at 28 weeks…I didn’t realize how big I was until Jon took the pics and when I looked at the one of my bare belly I couldn’t believe how much it’s grown…I’m getting belly hang!





This is short…by the time I get my video camera he/she has stopped moving…I hope to get a longer one later with more movement…here’s the link to go see it:


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