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Oh Jonathan…

So pretty much my entire pregnancy Jon would RARELY answer my question “What names do you like for a boy/girl?” seriously.  He would always pull out these weird, silly names that he OBVIOUSLY wan’t serious about.  Well, I’m down to 2 months left, and wouldn’t you know he starts seriously mentioning names…right when I thought we had decided on names already!  So here is the new updated list, which means I NO LONGER AM SURE WHAT WE ARE CALLING OUR CHILD, lol.


Ethan Alexander Billings

Owen Alexander Billings


Cali Hayden Billings

Lacie Hayden Billings

Aubrey Hayden Billings



31 Week Pics…




This is the diaper cake my mom made for my shower last night!

31 Weeks

Well, it’s 12:22 am and I cannot sleep…despite the fact that I need to be up at 7:45 tomorrow morning 😦  So, rather than tossing & turning and keeping Jon up I thought I’d do my 31 week blog.  I’m partly not tired, partly not able to get comfortable (breathing keeps getting more and more difficult) and partly really excited about baby coming soon…just one of those nights.  Just got to thinking about how in just over a week I’ll be going to NB and then when I get back the Seed’s team is gone for 2 weeks and when they get back I’ll be just a few weeks away from giving birth!  Time is going to go by so fast…or so I hope.  Then I got all excited and awake and…yeah…

This week I had to take off my wedding band and engagement ring officially.  They were pretty stuck on my finger so I decided that the next time my fingers were wet or cold I would have to attempt to take them off for good (until the pregnancy is over or course).  I feel naked without them on…I’ve put them on a chain around my neck but it still doesn’t feel the same.

The baby now shifts and stays in the place it’s shifted to like a big solid rock.  It’s neat to feel (it’s like poking a hard rock in that one place on my belly)…except when it shifts up to where my lungs are…that doesn’t feel to pleasant.  It makes it hard to breath.  I’ve also discovered that I can feel some part of the baby (I’m guessing fist or foot) AND push it around my belly…I’m so bossy 🙂  It feels like a knee cap and you know how you can make your knee cap shift back and forth…well, it’s like that…I can push this hard, tiny bump back and forth or around my belly…I push, it moves ahead…I push again, it moves further…it’s like a game.  I never thought I’d feel it like that with my hand…it’s pretty amazing!

Baby Billings weighs about 3.5-4  lbs this week and measures 16 inches from crown to toe.  I’m now going for my midwife appointments every two weeks instead of once a month.  I’m hungry ALL the time.  Jon makes fun of me because I could eat supper/lunch and be hungry enough to eat again an hour later…to which my response is “Yeah, I’m pregnant!”

So, the countdown continues:  11 days until NB vacation, 56 days until maternity leave and 63 days until ETA of baby!!  I’ll post 31 Week pics later tomorrow 🙂


Video of Baby Billings Moving

30 Weeks

So, I’ve been a little late this week posting and taking pictures…not that I’ve been SUPER busy…just every time I remember to get the pics taken I can’t…and then I’d forget later.

I’m tired right now so this will be a shorty…

Baby Billings is approx. 15 inches from crown to toe and weighs approx. 3-4 lbs.  Baby is quite active .  There was one time I tapped myself on the belly (more than just a light tap…just to see what it would do) and I think I scared it cause it jumped in a “Oh my goodness, what was that?” kind of way…it was funny…man am I tired right now…

As of late I experience: heartburn, inability to burp when I feel like I need to (which is very frustrating and causes some of my heartburn), gas (I know…it’s not exactly girly to say…but face it…pregnancy produces more gas…I’m just being honest), sleepless nights, achy back, swollen fingers (my wedding ring and engagement ring won’t come off), extreme breathlessness which makes me somewhat light-headed, and yeah…I’m tired so I’m going to end right there and go to bed…

Here are 30 week pics.  I’ll post a really good video of Baby Billings moving later!




29 Week Pics



Our room all set up for baby…just waiting on the crib 😉


Our first “major” baby purchase…a Pack-n-Play

29 Weeks

Almost to 30…and that means 10 more weeks to go after that….craziness

Jon and I went to Cortland this week to visit his sister Leanne and her husband Seth.  We had lots of fun playing Balderdash and not so much fun playing Monopoly (I think some of us were reminded why we hate that game so much, lol).

Did some shopping…including our first big purchase for the baby…a Graco Pack-n-Play!!!  I’m sooo excited!  I’ll post a picture of it below.  I’m so impressed because by buying it in the States I was going to save about $40 (our dollar is really good right now) BUT Target was having a sale and I ended up saving like…$100 instead!  Once we got it back to Seth and Leanne’s I HAD to set it up (I mean I needed to check to see if all the parts were there and that they were working right…)  She’s a beaut and I’m totally excited to have it set up here…which I may just have to do tonight in our bedroom 😉

While we were there Jon took some pictures of me and my belly which I will also post below. OH, and Jon came up with a boy name while we were in Cortland that we both like (other than Ethan)…Owen.  So now it’s down to the two:  Ethan or Owen.  We have decided that we will have both of those as options and decided when the baby comes out what the name will be.  Jon says that if in labor I groan a “ohhh” type sound it will be Owen and if I groan a “Eeee” type sound it will be Ethan, lol.

So, 29 weeks!  Baby Billings is approx. 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 lbs and 15 inches from head to toe.  The head is getting bigger (oh gosh) and nearly all babies respond to sound by 30 weeks so the ears are ready to go 🙂  I guess once I’m past 28 weeks I’m suppose to start counting kicks.  I should feel the baby move 10 times within an hour around the time it normally moves.  Apparently a pattern should be developed of when the baby normally moves…for me it’s morning, mid-afternoon or supper time, and late at night.  Not that I don’t feel random kicks during the other times of the day, but it’s more prominent and increased during those times.  I’ve def. counted more than 10 within an hour…which is good!

Well, here are the pictures I promised and later tonight I will post 29 week pics!



DSC_3057 (1)