17 Weeks

That’s how many weeks I have LEFT to go.  As I lay in bed one night this week I was thinking, I’m 23 weeks in a couple days…I wonder how many weeks I have left.  Just 17 I calculated as I was trying to fall asleep!  Craziness!  The last 23 weeks have flown by!  I think part of it is the fact that I have so many summer activities I’m doing at the church that it makes the time go by quickly.  I’m hoping the same will be in the fall with Stampeders starting up and planning for our Christmas program beginning.  Apparently I’m just 5 weeks away from entering my 3rd trimester!

Soo, at 23 weeks, what is baby doing you may ask…and if not you’re going to find out anyways cause I’m going to write it!  Baby Billings is approx. 8 inches and just over a lb.  This week marks a growing period for baby.  According to “What to Expect” in the next 4 weeks Baby Billings should double in size!  Oh gosh…I already feel like I’m extremely bloated ALL the time!  My legs hurt when I stand for too long (which partly has to do with my lack of calcium I think…so I’m taking calcium supplements) and my butt hurts when I sit on non-cushiony seats…right where my spine ends.  My spine is a whole other issue…I feel like it’s curved because of my belly…which feels strange when I stand.

I have been very blessed though to have a great pregnancy thus far.  I haven’t had morning sickness at all…just a little nausea at times but no biggie.  The only “inconvenience” really has just been uncomfortable issues like restless legs and trouble sleeping…but even then, they’re not as bad as I know some women have it.

Well, 23 weeks down, 17 more to go…yipee!  I’ll have belly pictures to post later in the day!  For now, here is what baby would look like at 23 weeks!




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