22 Weeks

We’re 22 weeks along now 🙂  Baby has teeth developing under the gums, eyes have developed & lips are distinct.  According to Baby Center (where I get my info) baby looks like a miniature human this week.  Weighing in at almost 1lb and 11 inches long from crown to heel.  The skin is wrinkly as the baby needs to put on more weight.

So apparently from now on I’m suppose to put on about a 1/2 lb every week…approximately.  My belly feels like it has gained 🙂  Can it really stretch any further??  LOL

It’s a little harder to get up and down now and I tried carrying a couple of LIGHT boxes yesterday and boy were they awkward to carry, my belly kept getting in my way!  I’m looking forward to VBS in a months time…yay for jumping up and down with children!  Fun times ahead, lol.

Jon felt the baby a few more times this week.  I can feel the baby inside and outside pretty much every night.  He/She is moving quite a bit now…especially at night.  I can’t wait until I can see it on the outside!

Hey, random tid bit…did you know that a healthy daily amount of sugar falls in the ballpark of 8-12 teaspoons, which is 36-48 grams.  Yeah, I’ve defiantly NOT been following that amount…I don’t think I’ve EVER fallen in that ballpark.  I think I need to start watching what I’m eating…I mean, one 591 ml bottle of sprite has 27 grams of sugar in it!  And then put jelly beans, brownies and juice on top of that…I think I may be a little over, lol.  Then again, I think most people are over that amount daily!  Just thought you’d like to know…

Well, here’s some pics of the growing baby/belly!






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