19 Weeks!

One more week to go, yay!

A few friends and I decided that before our child comes we should check out the Canada Day Fireworks DOWNTOWN Ottawa.  So yesterday, around 4:00, Sarah, Sarah’s cousin & girlfriend, Hooch, Pam (who just announced Sunday that she is pregnant as well, due 5 days before I am, how awesome is that) and I started our adventure to downtown.  12:20 am we finally made it back after being pushed and squeezed on Parliament Hill.  I have to say it was worth the trip; once in a lifetime experience literally.  We will never go again, but are very glad we experienced it at least once!

Well, Baby Billings is making himself/herself known daily now.  I can feel the baby pretty much every day and some days quite a lot!  It’s nice to know he/she is still there 🙂  I can’t wait until Jon can feel the kicks!  I have my next midwife appointment tomorrow and our next ultrasound is next Thursday (I’ll be exactly 20 weeks!)  I’m pretty excited to see the baby again…we’ll have a couple more pics to share at that point!

I’m defiantly needing to get some new capris, maternity capris.  I can manage my shorts with the button undone but pretty much all my capris will not fit at all.  Amazingly enough, I can still zipper AND button a couple pairs of my jeans still!  And their still comfortable!  I think it’s because they fit around my hips and my baby belly is quite high so the jeans just fit perfectly.  I think a Bella Band is in order as well.

So, onto growth news:  Hair is growing on the head now, and the gums are starting to develop teeth!  The brain is staring to develop specific senses.  Head to toe Baby Billings is approx. 7 1/2 inches long and 7 ounces in weight!  He/She sleeps about 20 hours in a day (and will often wake up and move when you want to relax and/or sleep).  Baby is also hearing more things outside the womb now 🙂

I think I said this before, but sometimes I feel like the baby is growing during specific times.  Like last night, just before the fireworks started it felt like my stomach was stretching which was achy and usually leaves my back aching as well.  It’s almost like the baby is saying “Ok, time to grow…”.  Then once it’s over everything is fine, and I feel bigger, lol.

So, next week I should have an update with new Baby Billings pics!  Till then, here is what 19 weeks looks like for baby:



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