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Belly through MY eyes…



23 Week Pictures




DSC_1248Oh Jon ūüėČ

17 Weeks

That’s how many weeks I have LEFT to go. ¬†As I lay in bed one night this week I was thinking, I’m 23 weeks in a couple days…I wonder how many weeks I have left. ¬†Just 17 I calculated as I was trying to fall asleep! ¬†Craziness! ¬†The last 23 weeks have flown by! ¬†I think part of it is the fact that I have so many summer activities I’m doing at the church that it makes the time go by quickly. ¬†I’m hoping the same will be in the fall with Stampeders starting up and planning for our Christmas program beginning. ¬†Apparently I’m just 5 weeks away from entering my 3rd trimester!

Soo, at 23 weeks, what is baby doing you may ask…and if not you’re going to find out anyways cause I’m going to write it! ¬†Baby Billings is approx. 8 inches and just over a lb. ¬†This week marks a growing period for baby. ¬†According to “What to Expect” in the next 4 weeks Baby Billings should double in size! ¬†Oh gosh…I already feel like I’m extremely bloated ALL the time! ¬†My legs hurt when I stand for too long (which partly has to do with my lack of calcium I think…so I’m taking calcium supplements) and my butt hurts when I sit on non-cushiony seats…right where my spine ends. ¬†My spine is a whole other issue…I feel like it’s curved because of my belly…which feels strange when I stand.

I have been very blessed though to have a great pregnancy thus far. ¬†I haven’t had morning sickness at all…just a little nausea at times but no biggie. ¬†The only “inconvenience” really has just been uncomfortable issues like restless legs and trouble sleeping…but even then, they’re not as bad as I know some women have it.

Well, 23 weeks down, 17 more to go…yipee! ¬†I’ll have belly pictures to post later in the day! ¬†For now, here is what baby would look like at 23 weeks!



22 Weeks

We’re 22 weeks along now ūüôā ¬†Baby has teeth developing under the gums, eyes have developed & lips are distinct. ¬†According to Baby Center (where I get my info) baby looks like a miniature human this week. ¬†Weighing in at almost 1lb and 11 inches long from crown to heel. ¬†The skin is wrinkly as the baby needs to put on more weight.

So apparently from now on I’m suppose to put on about a 1/2 lb every week…approximately. ¬†My belly feels like it has gained ūüôā ¬†Can it really stretch any further?? ¬†LOL

It’s a little harder to get up and down now and I tried carrying a couple of LIGHT boxes yesterday and boy were they awkward to carry, my belly kept getting in my way! ¬†I’m looking forward to VBS in a months time…yay for jumping up and down with children! ¬†Fun times ahead, lol.

Jon felt the baby a few more times this week. ¬†I can feel the baby inside and outside pretty much every night. ¬†He/She is moving quite a bit now…especially at night. ¬†I can’t wait until I can see it on the outside!

Hey, random tid bit…did you know that a healthy daily amount of sugar falls in the ballpark of 8-12 teaspoons, which is 36-48 grams. ¬†Yeah, I’ve defiantly NOT been following that amount…I don’t think I’ve EVER fallen in that ballpark. ¬†I think I need to start watching what I’m eating…I mean, one 591 ml bottle of sprite has 27 grams of sugar in it! ¬†And then put jelly beans, brownies and juice on top of that…I think I may be a little over, lol. ¬†Then again, I think most people are over that amount daily! ¬†Just thought you’d like to know…

Well, here’s some pics of the growing baby/belly!





21 Weeks

1 week past mid-way!

Not much to update.  Feeling baby more frequent and like my last post said, Jon felt the baby for the first time this week!  Exciting!

Baby Billings is approx. 10 1/2 inches from crown to heel and weighs 3/4 of a lb…yay, almost 1 lb! ¬†About the size of a large banana apparently. ¬†The eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed and the fingernails are covering the fingertips.

Here is a picture of baby at 21 weeks & some of mommy at 21 weeks ūüôā




DSC_1186 (1)

Father News


Jon felt Baby Billings for the first time tonight, and not just once, but 3 TIMES ūüôā

I am excited because up until now I’ve just felt it mostly on the inside, and a few times on the outside. ¬†The movements are pretty random but after a couple nights of waiting to feel the “movements”, he finally did tonight! ¬†I picked a time I knew that baby was moving around and sure enough I was like, “Did you feel that” right at the same time as he was saying “I felt something” haha.

They say that the baby is attracted to heat so if you hold your hand on your belly the baby will most likely “kick” where your hand is, because it is drawn to the heat your hand emits. ¬†I’m not sure if that is accurate, but it seems to make sense. ¬†They also say that when your far enough along you can play with your baby by poking your belly and seeing if he/she will poke back…fun times ahead!

Now before anyone asks if they can feel the baby, I’m not far enough along to get strong (or consistent) movements and to be quite frank, I don’t really want anyone holding my belly for longer than 2 seconds, haha. ¬†So, for now Jon & I can feel Baby Billings and maybe in a few weeks the kicks will be strong enough for someone else to feel it.

I’m just excited he felt the baby!


Yay! ¬†I made it half way! ¬†What an eventful day ūüôā ¬†We had our 20 week ultrasound today and it was remarkable. ¬†There was so much more detail than our 15 week one. ¬†We could see fingers and toes and the heart chambers!

I really liked our ultrasound tech. ¬†She explained what she was doing the whole way through and she would make comments about how healthy certain things are. ¬†All in all we have a very healthy baby. ¬†The heart is very strong and healthy with no tumors…the spine is excellent, and she even checked the umbilical cord which was also healthy! ¬†She measured things like the head, brain stem, femur, & abdominal area. ¬†When we left she said everything looks great and that makes me feel relieved.

Also, good news: ¬†I no longer have a low lying placenta! ¬†She said it all looks normal and there’s no issues with it! ¬†I am so happy about that because if I ended up having a low lying placenta my whole pregnancy I would more than likely be on bed rest right when I’m suppose to start our kid’s program in the fall and figure out our Christmas program (with practices!). ¬†God knows how to take care of us eh ūüôā

Feeling baby more now! ¬†He/She is about 10 oz and 6 1/2 inches long (crown to rump)…about the size of a small cantaloupe. ¬†I find I get tired easily. ¬†After a day of busy-ness I’m pretty tired the next day. ¬†I’m a tad bit cranky sometimes now as well, haha. ¬†Well, not really cranky…just easily irritated. ¬†I can admit it ūüôā ¬†Sorry Jon ūüėČ

So, now for what you’ve all been waiting for…pictures of 20 week Baby Billings! ¬†And 20 week pregnant me!
Baby Billings3

Baby Billings4

photo - Version 2

So, Jon decided to go against the rules and take this picture with his iphone while the tech was out of the room and I was in the bathroom, lol.  Baby Billings is yawning in this one!