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18 Weeks…almost half way there!

I’ve reached 18 weeks!  That means time for another ultrasound!  So in the next week or so I should have a new picture to put up of Baby Billings 🙂  How exciting!

More exciting news…in 2 weeks I’ll be HALF WAY!  Wow, time sure does fly eh!  It just seems like yesterday I was eagerly searching for my first sign of growth in my belly area…now it seems I have lost my belly button…seriously…it’s disappearing and turning inside out!  Some nights I feel like there is no possible way my belly could get any bigger without busting out my guts, lol.  I know some of you are thinking “you’re not that big” but you have to understand my size before I got pregnant…this whole belly thing is very new for my body so it feels like it is stretching very early on…

Well today Baby Billings is about the size of a cantaloupe, about 5-7 ounces in weight (they say that’s about the weight of a piece of boneless chicken breast) and 5-6 inches long (from crown to rump).  I think I wrote last week that he/she can hear now…although it’s just the rumblings of my stomach and my voice (the way it would sound in my body).  He/She can also hear loud sounds like a dog barking…give it a couple weeks and his/her ears will hear more of the world outside 😉

My headaches have subsided this week and I hope they stay away!  I don’t feel like I’ve grown “out” any more than 2 weeks ago but I feel like I’ve grown “around”.  In other words I feel like I’ve got a more round belly like my sides have grown to reach my middle stomach…does that make sense?  Blah, it does to me 😉

OH, and I felt the baby this week!!  They say that anytime after 17 weeks you may be able to feel the baby inside you (not outside, so Jon can’t feel it yet).  It’s usually later at nights I feel it and not all the time.  I think that if Jean and multiple books/websites had not explained to me what it would feel like I def. would’ve missed it or passed it off as something else (like gas, haha).  BUT, knowing what kind of feeling I should be looking for, I know for SURE I felt it a couple times this week…it was like gas but not…if that makes sense…it felt like it should be gas going through my system but it had a different feel to it and it happened a few times in the same area (like it was kicking).  The best description I can put on it is this:  it’s like a little bubble bursting, or a burb…just in the stomach, not your throat.

I could’ve swore I felt he/she kick on the outside last night as I was laying in bed with my hand in that same area on my belly …but since it’s too early for that I’m going to go with it being a muscle spasm, haha

Anyways, here are some pictures of me at Week 18 and one of what baby would look like in my belly!



It’s happy me!!


And my happy belly!




17 Weeks and Counting

We’re 17 Weeks now.  I don’t really have much to write this week cause everything’s been pretty normal.  I’ve been getting a few headaches which I’ve been reading is normal because of blood flow differences.  I’m hungry more often…the last few nights I’ve been having trouble sleeping because I can’t get comfortable and I’ve found that I get hungry in the night now…weird…

Baby Billing’s is able to hear starting this week so voices, dogs barking and such are audible.  “What to Expect” website says that baby is about the size of your open hand…I’m going to assume it’s my open hand and not the size of some people’s open hand, lol.  His/Her eyes are finally able to look straight ahead rather than to the side and he/she is still moving which I should be able to feel anytime now…it’s suppose to feel like butterflies in your stomach or gas…butterflies and gas…hmmm…lol

Here is a picture of Baby Billings this week:

index (1)


Jon and I have finally decided on names….well, unless we find another name that just blows us away…or our child comes out not looking at all like the name we chose, which we do have a couple others that we really like that we can pick from…

If we have a boy:  Ethan Alexander Billings

If we have a girl:  Cali Hayden Billings

Our “other” boy names (so far) are:  Nathan/Nate, Rylie, Liam, Macenzie/Mac, & Jaron

Our “other” girl names (so far) are:  Emma, Leia, Olivia, Sophie, & Elysa/Elisa

Stay tuned, things could change, ya never know with us (ahm Jon)

16 Week Pics

Here are some 16 week preggo pics Jon took tonight…I can see a difference in the past two weeks between my photos.  My mom also did this sweet quilt for our baby that I thought I’d put a picture up of…and today I went to a couple children’s stores with Jean and I held myself back from buying (well, really my wallet did, haha) until I stumbled upon these Canadian Maple Leaf Robez shoes and had to get them since Jon is a die hard Canadian fan (not the hockey team, but the country itself).  He is proud to be Canadian so I knew he would love to see these on our child 😉  Plus they were second hand so they were no where near the price you would pay for Robez shoes!

Here are the pics!








16 Weeks

16 weeks along…tummy is growing…baby is about the size of a tomato or a pear.  From week 16-20 they say you should start feeling the baby, which feels like a flutter (or gas?)  I could’ve swore I felt the baby once this week…who knows…most would say it’s too early but ya know…

It’s actually pretty late (technically early in the morning) so I’m going to cut it short for this week’s update and I’ll post some belly growth pics tomorrow.  I decided to do them every second week so I can see the difference better.

Here’s a picture of what baby would look like at 16 weeks!


Ultrasound Pics

So, I’m offically 15 weeks and 1 day…I was one day off in my calculations, not bad eh.

This week we had our second midwife appointment and we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat and a kick!  And today I actually got to see the kick!  The midwives wanted to make sure I was on track in regards to how far along I am since it was a little fuzzy about when I possibly conceived.  I am on track.  Anways, I got to see the legs and feet move and kick and the arms move.  Well, really the whole body was just moving the whole time…our ultrasound tech said we have a very active baby.  I saw the spine and skull and heart and it was amazing.

Thankfully Jon was there to experience it too 🙂  He swears that our baby gave the finger at one point, but he’s he only one who saw that so, lol.

Here are the pictures she gave us…the baby looks like an alien but it really is human…here’s Baby Billings at 15 weeks and 1 day:

Baby Billings Head

That’s it’s head, you can see the skull, eyes, nose, and mouth!

Baby Billings1

Here is the head with the body…I don’t understand where he/she finds the room to move around in there but he/she was EVERYWHERE…there were times that I had no idea where he/she went…all I could see was the head.  There are arms and legs but you can’t see them on here.  So exciting!!!