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14 Weeks and 1 Day Pics





14 Weeks…the start of a new trimester

Yesterday I finished my first trimester!  Today is my first day of trimester duex 😉

Jon and I are going in on Monday for our 2nd appointment and we are suppose to be hearing the heartbeat, if the little one will let us 😉  I’m pretty excited!  Jon took the day off on Monday so he could go in with me…I thought it would be nice for him to be there for it.

This has been quite a week.  Found out I have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and was given medication…about 4 days into taking my pills my lab results came back and the doctor called to tell me the meds I’m on won’t do anything to help me so they put me on new ones and I had to start from day 1 again, sigh.  Looks like being pregnant makes you more prone to things like that and it doesn’t help in that I have only 1 1/2 kidney’s…so in other words no surprise if I have problems through out the next 6 months with this stuff, and let me tell you, it is not fun.

Baby Billings is being covered with hair this week, fine hair that apparently disappears before birth.  So this week he/she will become our little gorilla 😉  According to Baby Center the baby can now grasp, squint, frown, grimace and even suck his/her thumb!  He/She is 9cm long and weighs 1 1/2 ounces.  Later tonight I’ll hopefully have some belly pictures up…once Jon gets home to take them, lol.  Here is a picture that shows what baby looks like and how small it is right now in the womb:


One of the reasons reaching the 2nd trimester is so wonderful is that your chances of a miscarriage goes down significantly.  Although, with every pregnancy there is still a chance that anything could happen at any time.  Our hearts go out today to a couple from our church and their family.  Their daughter was suppose to deliver their baby any day now.  Tuesday they found out the baby no longer had a heartbeat and the very next day she delivered her baby boy knowing that she would be laying him to rest later this week.  Our hearts ache for them as they go through this trail of sadness.  So today I dedicate this post to them in knowing that we serve a God that is compassionate, caring and full of grace.  May His strength shine upon you this day and may He provide you the comfort knowing that your baby boy is in His hands for eternity.  You and your family are in our prayers.

What a Weekend/Week

This has been an insane weekend/week for Jon and I!  We put 7000 KM on our car, and drove over 40 hours unexpectedly.  It all started out as a trip to Lima, OH for Chris & Rachel Massie’s wedding which was about a 10 hour drive for us.  Our plan was to leave Thursday and drive back Monday.

Saturday morning at 2 am Jon’s grandfather passed away and we found out sometime later that morning.  It was then our 20 hour trip to Ohio and back turned into a 10 hour trip to Ohio Thursday, an 8 hour trip to Cortland, NY to pick up Seth Saturday night, a 12 hour trip to Fredericton on Sunday, a 12 hour trip back to Cortland to drop off Seth and Leanne Wednesday, and a 3 1/2 trip back to Ottawa Thursday…that adds up tooooo….45 1/2 hours of driving (and Jon drove everything but the 1 1/2 hours I had to do at 3 in the morning on our way to Cortland…he’s a little stubborn eh).

So I’ve been gone for my whole 12th week of pregnancy.  Yesterday I was offically 13 weeks!  This week is the last week of my 1st trimester, yay for me and the baby!  Here is baby at 13 weeks…it’s about the size of half of a banana…


I’m ShOwInG!

I’m showing, YAY!!  Here are some pics I took of myself at my hotel room tonight (Jon’s out with the boys tonight before Massie get’s married).




I Made It!

Tomorrow I will be 12 weeks!  This has been my first milestone and I got here!  I don’t know why but 12, 20, and 30 are 3 milestones according to me…I think it’s just the way I have it broken up in my head.

I think 12 weeks is a biggie because that’s when the baby begins to actually look like a human…you know how in previous weeks they look kinda alien-like…well 12 weeks is when they throw off that alien facial look and actually start to look “real”! 😉 (at 14 weeks we’ll get to hear the heartbeat which is pretty special!)

20 weeks is when I should be getting my first ultrasound (around that time) so that will be the first time I get to see our little baby…and that’s the half way point…20 is half of 40.

30 weeks just means I’m almost there…only 10 weeks left to go…the summer months is over…my work life gets increasingly busy this year right around that time…30 weeks is the milestone of insanity…the whole “ahhh, baby is almost here, I’ve got so much to do!”

Anyways, Jon and I are leaving tomorrow for Ohio to attend Chris & Rachel’s wedding.  We’re going to be gone all weekend.  I’m excited for Chris & Rachel but I’m also excited to get to spend this time on the road with Jon…I love travelling with him.  So I thought I’d share my week 12 with you today since by the time I get back I’ll be almost 13 weeks.

Baby Billings is now 2-3 inches and is kicking & stretching (although at this point I cannot feel it).  All major organs are in place and certain things like brain, nerves & muscles are starting to function.  He/She is about the size of a lime (some websites say a large plum).  Get this…the pituitary gland is starting to produce the hormones that enables my baby to have his/her own babies some day…isn’t that crazy to think about?!  Baby Billings isn’t even born yet and already it’s body is thinking about 21 or so years down the road from now!  I think that show’s God’s amazing creation!

Here’s a picture of what our cute, human looking baby looks like at 12 weeks:



I think my weeks went faster than I thought….I’m actually 11 weeks today NOT 10 weeks…sweet, one more week than I thought I was.

Also, I just found out that your 1st trimester is done at 14 weeks, not 12…and now that it’s been explained to me by Jean it makes complete sense!  Oh well, just a couple more weeks to go!

What a Week

Well, we are now comfortably in our new place.  Every room is somewhat organized except for the spare room/Jon’s office.  I feel like boxes are coming out of my ears.  We moved on Friday but really only got around to organizing things on Sunday evening because of our busy weekend.  My weekend consited of moving, my photography class (which reminds me I need to do my homework before this Saturday), a Buddy Wasisname concert, Indian food, waiting in the Ottawa airport till 1:15am for my dad, church, and a church BBQ…all in all (or is it all and all?)  the weekend flew by.

We were so tired Sunday that Jon and I just watched “The Deadliest Catch” all afternoon.  It’s not a show that I would choose to watch, but if Jon has it on I’m pretty glued to the tv.  I’ve done 3 loads of laundry in my washer & dryer!  Yay!  AND my dishwasher has made 1 run already…yay for appliances I didn’t have before!

So, on to preggo news…tomorrow I will be 10 weeks!  Only 2 weeks away from entering my 2nd trimester!  So exciting!  I’m a little woozy/dizy today…I got up to use the bathroom when Jon was getting ready for work this morning and I was falling around quite a bit, lol.  I’m feeling pretty great though.  That whole “I just feel sick all the time” phase is gone.

Here’s an interesting question for all you prev. preggo people.  How come when you first start showing, the “showing” part is pretty high in your belly/abdominal area?  Technically, the baby is just above your pubic bone, which is pretty low (not to mention it’s pretty tiny), but when you look at pictures of people who are starting to show, the area that is most pronounced it quite higher than the baby is…any answers??  Is it because that baby is pushing all your organs up and that’s what’s starting to show first?

On that note, I will end this post…but of course not without a picture of what the baby looks like in it’s 11th week 🙂  At 2 inches long and 1/3 of an ounce here he/she is: