I just got accepted into the midwife program yesterday!  My first “baby appointment” is April 27th!  So exciting!  I know several people who have had a midwife previously (and presently) and I have only heard good things.  Has anyone else had a midwife?  What was your experience?  I’m excited for the journey.  Here’s what I’ve learned:

1.  All your appointments are done with your midwife (not your doctor).

2. Your appointments are longer which allows you to ask questions and such.

3. Midwives are about informed choice…they tell you about tests you can take (genetics, etc) and you have the choice on whether you would like to have them…so you’re not being forced to take any tests.

4. They deliver your baby (unless you have complications in labor and then it’s handed over to a doctor).

5. They are on call 24/7!  So any questions/emergancies you may have you can call and talk to your midwife…any time of the day!

I think those 5 things are pretty awesome…I can’t wait!


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