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10 Weeks

Tomorrow I’m 10 weeks preggo.  2 more weeks and Little Baby Billings stops looking like an alien and more like a human, haha.  He/She is also known as a fetus now, which is Latin for “offspring.”  I’ve been feeling a lot better and my cold is getting better too.

We start our move tomorrow.  My mom, Bonnie and I are going to move some small, light stuff tomorrow and then on Friday several people are coming over to help move the big heavy stuff and other random things.  I got the keys tonight, yipee!

Well, here’s the 10 week photo!  I took this one from a different site.  I like it cause the picture shows a close up of the baby and then it shows how tiny it is in the belly!



My First Appointment

Had my very first appointment today since I’ve been preggo.  It was with the Midwives and it went really well.  It was more of an informative appointment where she took down information on me and told me about the Integrated Prenatal Screening so we can choose whether we want to do it or not.

At the end she checked to see if she could hear the heartbeat but no such luck…no worries though, it’s just a little early so sometimes you don’t hear it.  She said by next appointment (5 weeks from now) I should be able to hear it for sure.  I think that Little Baby Billings just knew that daddy wasn’t there and he/she is going to wait till next time when he can be present to hear it 😉  That’s just my thinking…

She did say she could feel that the uterus is just starting to poke out!  YAY!  I’m growing!  How exciting!

All in all it was a good appointment and I can’t wait until the next appointment so I can hear the little one!

My First Purchase!

So I’ve had some things given to me these past couple weeks and my mom has already bought a couple things for Baby Billings. BUT I’ve been doing really good at not buying anything! Until last week when mom & I went to Old Navy. I knew that as soon as I went to that store I would have several things bought. Let’s face it, Old Navy’s adult styles have turned into some weird outfits, but their kid’s section rocks…you can find some really cute things there for like really good sale prices! So I succumbed to my need to buy something for baby and here are my first purchases for the future he/she. Most of it is navy but it can be used on girls too 😉 The first picture is my favorite purchase and I got it for $4!







Week 9

This will be a short update due to the fact that I just came down with a horrible chest cold and I feel like crap…my eyes are so fuzzy that looking at this screen is making me tired.

Thursday will be the end of week 9! I still feel the same as the other weeks with the whole “I just don’t feel well.” I think today has been the first in a while where I feel fine but I think that’s because it’s being masked by the whole I have stuff in my chest that makes me cough and my nose is all stuffed feeling.

Here’s a picture of what the baby looks like at 9 weeks 🙂 I don’t know what fruit is it compared to at 9 weeks cause I can’t find the website that told me last week…obviously something that is a bit bigger than a grape though…

I’m in my last month of my first trimester! Yipee!


Which is Better?

I’ve entered into a stage of pregnancy sickness…without the puking.

Which leads to the question I ask myself, is it better to be pukey sick or to just feel sick all the time?  I tend to think that pukey sick is better becuase at least when you puke you feel a sense of relief afterwards.  This whole I feel sick all the time but not enough to puke it out is NOT fun.  My tummy feels swishy swashy almost all the time and sometimes I feel like I could puke but for the life of me I cannot get to that point and therefore I just feel awful all the time…sigh

Oh, and today is my birthday which reminds me that this time next year I will be a mommy!


Today is the first day of week 8 of my pregnancy.  I thought I’d give an update of how I’m feeling for those that are interested 🙂

I’ve been feeling pretty good!  No puking, which I’m glad about.  I get a little nauseated some nights but no biggie!  I’ve been up more in the night to use the bathroom (like 2-3 times!) which has lead to broken sleep, but I guess I have to get use to that eh.  Some may say that needing to pee more often doesn’t make sense in your first trimester because your uterus hasn’t gotten bigger, but I’ve learned in my pregnancy books (yes, I have quite a few) that your blood flow increases and that is what causes the increase need to go potty!

My light headedness seems to have decreased, which is nice.

I get tired earlier in the night.  Jon and I are both night hawks…sometimes I find I even work better at night.  Well, if I’ve been involved in any activities during the day you can count me out from thinking past 8:00.  Around 5:00 I start to feel out of it and by 8 I should really go to bed but I force myself to at least stay up until 10:00 or 10:30 because 8 just seems toooooo early to be in bed.  Most nights you’ll find me lying/sitting on the couch watching Seinfeld trying to keep my eyes open.  If I haven’t really done anything during the day I can stay up till midnight like normal.

My belly hasn’t really grown any but I definatly feel like it’s about to take off, lol.  I have that “there’s nowhere else to go but out” feeling.  And let’s just say other areas are growing as well and they are a tad (ok sometimes excruciatingly) painful.

So, that’s where it stands 🙂  I can’t wait until I start showing and Jon can take some pictures! Yipee!  I thought I’d share a photo of what Baby Billings will look like by next Thursday (the end of week 8)…by then he/she will be the size of a grape!



I just got accepted into the midwife program yesterday!  My first “baby appointment” is April 27th!  So exciting!  I know several people who have had a midwife previously (and presently) and I have only heard good things.  Has anyone else had a midwife?  What was your experience?  I’m excited for the journey.  Here’s what I’ve learned:

1.  All your appointments are done with your midwife (not your doctor).

2. Your appointments are longer which allows you to ask questions and such.

3. Midwives are about informed choice…they tell you about tests you can take (genetics, etc) and you have the choice on whether you would like to have them…so you’re not being forced to take any tests.

4. They deliver your baby (unless you have complications in labor and then it’s handed over to a doctor).

5. They are on call 24/7!  So any questions/emergancies you may have you can call and talk to your midwife…any time of the day!

I think those 5 things are pretty awesome…I can’t wait!