Total Money Makeover…

After seeing a few friends start this “Total Money Makeover” by David Ramsey, Jon and I have decided that we would take on this challenge of getting out of debt quicker.  Not only have we started, but after telling our good friends Jean and Blair about it they are joining us on this journey, exciting eh 🙂  We’re just on step one right now but next month we move to step two, which is snowballing our debt.  This may take a while but we are prepared to live within our means so that we can be free from out school/car/credit debt!  So, I will be making Jon’s meals to take to work, we won’t be going out to eat as often and no more silly buying 😉

I thought about the reasons I want to be debt free quicker (when I say quicker I mean faster than just paying the min. payment for 9 years on our student loan and everything else, lol).  Here they are:

1.  I may as well start with the selfish reason, haha.  I want a house…and I don’t want to put myself way, way, way in debt getting it.  I want to be able to paint my walls, I want a bigger kitchen (don’t say anything about a bigger kitchen until you’ve seen my kitchen right now…it is puney).  I want my kids to have their own room, and a yard to play in and a dog to play with.

2.  I want to be able to take my future children/family on mission trips all over the world.  I want them to see how other people live, I want them to feel their hurt, I want them to discover their need so that as a family we can be the love of Christ to others not only here in Canada but everywhere.  I want my children to experience what it’s like to give of themselves even from an early age.

3.  I want to give more.  I want to sponsor more children.  I want to provide financial help to programs like World Vision to aid those who have lost everything.  I want to be able to give more to my local church and community.  I want to give more.

4.  I want to be worry free when it comes to finances.  Jon and I have been blessed with stable jobs that pays the bills and even allows us to spend money on silly things (which we are determined to not do, haha)…so right now I don’t worry so much…but I know what it’s like to have worried over bills and finances and I know that if we were to lose our jobs I would worry a lot over just that issue alone…so while we are in this present position I want to work harder at paying off debt so that we can be worry free if situations were to change

So, those are the reasons I’ve come up with so far…very important reasons to me.  If you would like to join this journey to debt-freeness check out David Ramsey’s book “Total Money Makeover”!  I’m excited!



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jean on February 20, 2009 at 1:35 am

    It’s like a race – Browns vs Billings – who can get out of debt first? And if you’re going to join the race you have to pay each of us $500. (I kid.)


  2. Posted by dianaslbillings on February 20, 2009 at 1:48 am

    Oh, yes I like that $500 pay rule…that would help us get out of debt faster wouldn’t it 🙂


  3. Posted by Omega "Omi" Centuri on March 23, 2009 at 12:31 am

    I just picked up the work book, and have started putting away $2,200 away each month, man it’s really hard to live on whats left but hey I want to buy a house for my wife and son too. I think your reasons for getting debt free are fantastic, mine are much the same.
    Thanks for your post.


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