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If I had easy access to a helicopter, I'd fly to San Diego this weekend

I've always wanted to go…plus it's a lot warmer than Ontario…


How I'd spend $1,000

That's easy…pay more of my student loan off ūüôā

If I were a superhero, I would certainly wear tights

I'm unoriginal so I just googled superhero names and found this site where you put a few things in and it gives you names with abilities, transportations, weapons, etc. I def. like this one because of the "extra appendages"…

Crimson Lion

Power(s): Extra appendage(s), Cold generation, Power mimicry

Source of powers: Mutant evolved artificially

Weapon: Lion Crossbow

Transportation: Lion Stallion

I recommend checking out Fireworks over London Bridge when you're in London England

We didn't know there were going to be fireworks and were walking away from the bridge when all of a sudden we heard a blast and looked back and there they were…beautiful! We were there on our honeymoon!

If I could tame a wild animal

Rockhopper Penguin by su neko (suneko)

A Penguin!

Because my husband loves them…and they are cute!

It’s been awhile!

I know, I know, it’s been awhile since my last post. ¬†Life’s been pretty usual I guess in the last couple weeks…although I’ve learned a couple things that I thought was quite interesting and thought I would share!

1. ¬†Did you know that about every 6 years or so your body changes? ¬†Well, I didn’t! ¬†The months of September, October & November were a little unusual for me. ¬†I could’ve sworn that I was pregnant a couple of those months (I wasn’t, and still am not for those of you curious folks out there). ¬†Anyways, my body was doing some weird things and come to find out, I’m at that age where my body changes (I’m 26 by the way…almost 27, sigh). ¬†The funny happenings are over now but the results have been that my body weight has shifted. ¬†I felt like I was gaining weight, but the scale said I wasn’t…come to find out that the weight in my body was just moving to different areas…and low and behold…I now have more noticable “LOVE HANDLES”…what the frig?! ¬†Now some of my pants won’t do up! ¬†Way to go and change what was perfectly normal body…seriously! (Props to Jean for working in a hospital and being able to shed some light on life’s issues, lol)

2. ¬†On the topic of health & medical things…Jon and I were travelling back from New York (we went to visit Leanne & Seth) this week. ¬†I sometimes like to ask Jon questions because he has a wealth of knowledge that I do not have. ¬†We talked about why the US does not have the same kind of health care that we Canadian’s do (I asked because Leanne and I were talking about having kids and she told me it cost around $6000…that’s right, $6000 to have a kid in the States!) ¬†Apparently¬†US citizens feel that to have a government controlled health care system is a step towards communism/socialism…one that they refuse to take. ¬†Guess we soon-to-be communists care too much about the each other. ¬†I’m sorry, but I think I have a problem with Christian Americans who don’t think everyone should have the same opportunity to¬†receive¬†healthcare…I understand those that do not know Christ would have that selfish¬†mentality (“I worked hard for what I got” mentality)…but Christians know God has called us to look after the broken, the hurt , the sick & the widowed, those that are struggling…those that cannot afford “help”. ¬†So why do many Christians in the US fight to keep those people from¬†receiving¬†what they need all in the argument that they will become a communist country??? ¬†Makes no sense to me…all I know is that I’m glad to be a¬†Canadian¬†where I can start a family without going in debt…

3. ¬†I’ve discovered that a lot of people in the North American church really sit on the fence when it come to supporting the church…and does it ever drive me crazy! ¬†Especially since so many are involved in ministry within the church…when they’re not even sure if they support the church! ¬†Pick a side and go with it! ¬†Get off the fence!! ¬†Leave or stay but please do one or the other…don’t just show up to church on the Sunday’s you’re involved and then stay home (or go elsewhere) on the Sunday’s you’re not! ¬†And by support, I don’t just mean financially…I mean being on board with where the church is going, what it stands for and refusing to let others talk “bad” about your church! ¬†It’s time to get off the fence people and make a decision…

What a long post eh! ¬†I think I’ll stop…


I’m not that great at organizing. ¬†I start out well, but in a matter of days everything is chaotic again. ¬†BUT despite this handicap I think I’ve just come up with the best organizational idea I have ever had…feel free to steal it ūüôā

I have TONS of recipes…most are in nice books, easy to read and follow and take to my kitchen. ¬†Among those books are quite a few hand written recipes on sheets of paper that I have scribbled down in a hurry & lose over and over. ¬†I really needed to organize them in a form that stays in a book and that I can pull out and bring to the kitchen when I want to make/bake it…and that’s when this brilliant idea came! ¬†Photos are a perfect size, they fit into an album and they can easily be taken out and placed on my fridge (which is where I hang the recipe while I follow it since my kitchen is tiny).

Soooo, I have spent a little time making some 4×6 templates for specific categories (main meals, desserts, beverages, etc) and now I have been placing my recipes in this template through photoshop and I’m getting them printed at Walmart. ¬†They will eventually all make it to an album and I will be so proud of myself! ¬†I’ve posted a couple pics for those that care to see my idea! (some things may not look centered…that’s because Walmart always cuts stuff off so I had to account for it)