Idea Stolen From My Friend Jean

Soundtrack To My Life: iTunes on shuffle:

Opening credits: I Remember (Damien Rice)

Waking up: Green Apples (Chantel Kreviazuk)

Average day: Twenty Four (Switchfoot)

First Date: Actions Without Love (Chantel Kreviazuk)

Falling in love: The Lark Ascending (More Accurately, I’m Trying to Make

                            You Sing) (David Crowder)

Fight Scene: Anybody Out There (Burlap to Cashmere)

Breaking up: When I Get There (Kirk Franklin)

Getting back together: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an

                                         Open Fire) (Jaci Velasquez)

Secret love: Hopeless Love (Daphne Loves Derby)

Life’s okay: I Can Believe (Nicole C. Mullen)

Mental breakdown: I’m Accepted (Eli)

Deep thought: Million Dollar Decision (Head Automatica)

Flashback: Ammunition (Switchfoot)

Partying: Not on My Own (Three Season Ant)

Happy dance: Now is the Time (Delirious?)

Regretting: Petrified Heart (Caedmon’s Call)

Long night alone: The Crucible for Silver (Delirious?)

Death scene: Auf Achse (Franz Ferdinand)


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