Jon, Tim, Sarah and I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orch. last night.  I thought they did an excellent job!  It was almost a 3 hour performance, but my goodness were they great.

About half-way through I was starting to feel like I was at a musical and was hoping it would end soon, but the second half of their program was COMPLETELY different and pulled me right back in.  I thought they did a great job at that…not to mentioned we were all floored at how amazing they all were!

Another thing I thought was amazing what how they sang/talked about the real meaning of Christmas, Christ’s birth.  I mean it’s one thing to sing Joy to the World which everyone just knows and it’s not unusual to sing it…but there were songs they had written and had specifically chosen to write about Jesus’ birth…I thought that was pretty amazing since we live in a culture that shuns the Christmas story so often now.

Neither of the following videos were from last night, nor are they my videos.  The first one is one of their “rockier” Christmas songs, and the second was a solo done by this guy (called “Believe”) and I would say it was my favorite solo of the night (vocally).  I really liked his voice and the songs was really moving.  It was a tribute to a guy in their band Salvatage that had passed away.

Oh, and sometimes I couldn’t see the stage because the flashing lights were so bright, lol…and when the fire shot out on the stage we could feel the heat from it and we were in the 2nd level on the side…pretty amazing…



Lifting stage

This picture is not mine either…


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  1. Posted by Judy Andrews on December 24, 2008 at 3:56 am

    We saw them too. They were amazing


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