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My Christmas tree has been up for approx. 3 weeks or so and I woke up this morning to discover it has bloomed overnight…there are these green blooms that are all over my tree…especially on the side that faces the sun.  I’ve never had a tree that has bloomed before so it is very interesting and I’m not sure how I feel about these green things growing all over my tree.  I’ve put a couple pictures up…they’re not that great because of the sunlight coming in the windows…but you can sorta see it.  Anyone else find their tree blooming and if so…what does it mean..hmmm…

Blooming Tree

Blooming Tree 2


Idea Stolen From My Friend Jean

Soundtrack To My Life: iTunes on shuffle:

Opening credits: I Remember (Damien Rice)

Waking up: Green Apples (Chantel Kreviazuk)

Average day: Twenty Four (Switchfoot)

First Date: Actions Without Love (Chantel Kreviazuk)

Falling in love: The Lark Ascending (More Accurately, I’m Trying to Make

                            You Sing) (David Crowder)

Fight Scene: Anybody Out There (Burlap to Cashmere)

Breaking up: When I Get There (Kirk Franklin)

Getting back together: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an

                                         Open Fire) (Jaci Velasquez)

Secret love: Hopeless Love (Daphne Loves Derby)

Life’s okay: I Can Believe (Nicole C. Mullen)

Mental breakdown: I’m Accepted (Eli)

Deep thought: Million Dollar Decision (Head Automatica)

Flashback: Ammunition (Switchfoot)

Partying: Not on My Own (Three Season Ant)

Happy dance: Now is the Time (Delirious?)

Regretting: Petrified Heart (Caedmon’s Call)

Long night alone: The Crucible for Silver (Delirious?)

Death scene: Auf Achse (Franz Ferdinand)

Winter and Shopping Carts

Shopping Cart

My mom and I went to a couple stores today so that my mom could get my dad’s Christmas gift.  We went to the Independent to get some groceries and then picked up dad’s gift at a store that shall remain unknown.  First off it was EXTREMELY crazy…both parking lots were FULL.  But that isn’t the thing that gets me all mad during this time of year…I’m pretty patient with crowds…

You want to know what really peeves me during winter/Christmas…lazy people’s shopping carts.  I’m pretty easy going but boy do I get all riled up inside every time I see a shopping cart just sitting in the parking lot where the car of the lazy shopper use to be.  It takes 20 seconds or less to bring the cart back to the cart shed thingie…20 SECONDS of your life that could be spent making someone else’s day just a little easier!  And I can promise you,  these lazy shoppers know who they are, AND they know how it makes everyone else feel…yet they continue to be lazy…

So unless you drop with a heartattack or suddenly go into labor, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring your shopping cart back to where it’s suppose to go…it’s not that hard!

If blood makes you queasy, don’t read any further…

So I’ve developed an issue the past couple years that I’ve NEVER had to deal with my ENTIRE life…nose bleeds.  I don’t know if the air is changing and affecting my nose, but two years ago I started having nose bleeds…mostly in the winter.

Well, tonight was my first nose bleed of the season.  And it came at the most inconvenient time…20 minutes before my Christmas practice.  I WAS planning on going 20 minutes early to get a couple things together (thankfully I had set up earlier in the day), when all of a sudden I felt a rush of what I thought was snot run down my nose (I did just get over a cold).  I rushed to the bathroom and BLEW, that’s right, blew my nose into the tissue at which point I thought to myself “that was REALLY dumb, I bet you that is blood” and sure enough, as I took the tissue away from my nose the blood began to pour from my nose…

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.  So after filling a couple tissues, getting blood on my shirt and all over the toliet I decided that since my OTHER nostril is running I should try and blow just that nostril.  At that point I dislodged the blood clot in my nose…which of course was starting to hold back the blood…and therefore started the nose bleed ALL over again.

At this point Jon has “kindly” reminded me that we are going to be late for practice and so after cleaning the bathroom and with tissue in nose I get ready and head to the church.  Half of the program was spent with this tissue in my nose as the bottom picture will show (yes that is me trying to sing with the tissue in nose).

Oh and you would think that this would be the end of my nose bleeding story.  But nay, it is not!  I finally am able to take the tissue out for the rest of the evening and just as I am getting ready to leave the church all of a sudden I feel this lump being swallowed…and sure enough the 2nd clot that has keep the blood back has disappeared, this time to my stomache…and sure enough, the blood began to once again flow.  Thankfully I had a tissue in hand to stick in my nose again and off Jon and I went to Timmy’s Drive-Thru.

My nose bleed HAS stopped but all in all I’ve dripped blood on my shirt, sprayed blood on the toliet and floor and swallowed a clot…gross, gross, gross!


nose bleed

O Christmas Tree!

I went and got my tree today.  With the help of my dad I think I’ve picked out one of our best trees yet…out of the 3 trees we’ve had, lol.  I can’t believe this is Jon and I’s 3rd Christmas married!  Anyways, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas now around our house and I love it!  If you’re in the CP area come see our tree!!

Cutting Down the Tree

Faceless Me with the Tree

Down She Goes!

All Lit Up

Tree Hugger

Pretty Tree


Deck the Halls

Christmas is ALMOST here!!!  This week I’m going to get my tree…it’s time to deck my halls with bells of holly, fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!


Jon, Tim, Sarah and I went to see the Trans-Siberian Orch. last night.  I thought they did an excellent job!  It was almost a 3 hour performance, but my goodness were they great.

About half-way through I was starting to feel like I was at a musical and was hoping it would end soon, but the second half of their program was COMPLETELY different and pulled me right back in.  I thought they did a great job at that…not to mentioned we were all floored at how amazing they all were!

Another thing I thought was amazing what how they sang/talked about the real meaning of Christmas, Christ’s birth.  I mean it’s one thing to sing Joy to the World which everyone just knows and it’s not unusual to sing it…but there were songs they had written and had specifically chosen to write about Jesus’ birth…I thought that was pretty amazing since we live in a culture that shuns the Christmas story so often now.

Neither of the following videos were from last night, nor are they my videos.  The first one is one of their “rockier” Christmas songs, and the second was a solo done by this guy (called “Believe”) and I would say it was my favorite solo of the night (vocally).  I really liked his voice and the songs was really moving.  It was a tribute to a guy in their band Salvatage that had passed away.

Oh, and sometimes I couldn’t see the stage because the flashing lights were so bright, lol…and when the fire shot out on the stage we could feel the heat from it and we were in the 2nd level on the side…pretty amazing…



Lifting stage

This picture is not mine either…