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Advent Conspiracy

2 posts in one day…I am on a roll!

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Something to Ponder

Excerpt from Rob Bell’s book, “Jesus Wants to Save Christians”:

“The church is Jesus’ body, a good gift for the healing of the world.

 It’s for the benefit of others.

 For the good of those who look different from us

 A church is an organization that exists for the benefit of nonmembers.

 This blessing extends even to our enemies.

 This truth about the Eucharist raises profound questions that a church must ask itself.  If  our church was  taken away – from our city, our neighborhood, our region – who would  protest?

 Only the people who are members?

 Only those who are a part of it?

 Only those who attend it’s services?

 Single mothers?




Something to think about…

Ikea Roman Blinds & Not So Bright Mom

I’m not really sure where I read this yesterday but it really made me frustrated…

Ikea is recalling their Alvine and Iris Roman Blinds…that’s not that part that got me irked…I do not own any Roman Blinds from Ikea.  The reason for recalling the blinds is what did it.  Apparently a child had strangled to death on the chord.  Now before you think I’m so uncompassionate over a child’s death, I think it’s absolutely tragic that this happened and sad that this child lost it’s life…all due to the face that it’s mother placed the crib/play pin next to the blind and it’s long cord!

Seriously, was that too difficult to figure out…blind with long cord + crib with baby in it = possible strangulation…

I know parents all make mistakes…I mean can you tell me of one parent that has not made some form of a mistake while their child was growing up?  And I’m sure they are all thankful that their mistake didn’t cause something this tragic.

My problem lies in the fact that rather than taking responsibility for the error they’re going to blame the company and recall all roman blinds?  And therein lies our culture…too busy passing the blame to take responsibility for our own mistakes…how sad!

So, next time you pick up a blind from Ikea make sure you look to see if there’s a sticker on the back that warns:

CAUTION – Blind may cause strangulation…when put near a child in a crib…or any other time…with any other person.

This is a Diana commerical…laugh, laugh, laugh

So there are quite a few commercials that Darlene (Jon’s mom) and I have in common for a sense of humor.  My dad played this commercial this morning in church when talking about communication.  So, this one goes out to Darlene…it’s sooo funny!

Nompumelelo Mkhafu

Last week when I was traveling for Bethany on the CCU Tour I deciced to sponsor a child.  Her name is Nompumelelo Makhafu…I’m not sure how you pronounce that but she is the cutest child!  She makes me want to fly to Africa just so I can give her a HUGE hug…hopefully someday I will get that chance.

Brett Ulman was our speaker that week and he brought along children through World Vision…well he didn’t bring acutal children..just the cards with pictures.  The children he brings with him live in an Aids community because someone they live with is infected with HIV.  As he spoke I realized I needed to do so much more and I thought what a great place to start.  I can’t wait to send letters and cards and gifts!  I’m also so proud of my husband, he wants to give 3 little pigs to someone for Christmas 🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot ever since my trip about how we live in such a needy world.  God sent his Son into a needy world right around this time and he offered an immense amount of hope, freedom and healing.  I don’t know about you, but for someone who follows this kind of Savior and strives to be just like Him, I sit around and do nothing FAR too often.  I also spend my money on stupid things FAR too much.

I think of communities in Africa, South America and Asia…where a mother has to chose which one of her children will live and which one will die because she doesn’t have enough food for both.  I think of the children in the Congo these past couple weeks and wish we lived in a world where we could stop the violence and abuse there.  How do I share the healing and hope of Christ with those that I have no means to get to?  I want to stop the suffering…I want to show them life!

There has to be more that we can do…but until I figure out how to save the world I cannot wait to send love upon love to Nompumelelo Mkhafu!

Billings Way…

So here it goes once again…another blog.  I’m hoping this one will last, but who really knows.  Haven’t found a good name for it yet.

I thought maybe if I had a really motivating reason to start one then maybe I will last past 5 posts.  My motivating reason is that someday my family (i.e. Jon and I) will expand and those in our family (i.e. in-laws, sister, Missy) who may not live close will want to know about our oh so exciting family with fun stories and pictures.  Sooo, until that day comes I will blog about our everyday boring lives and such.

Jean – sorry I picked wordpress and not live journal…I hope you will still read my sure to be awesome blogs as you anxiously await the oh so soon to come time with me…