For Supper

For supper tonight I took a recipe my friend had made earlier in the winter season.  It looked really good, and I mean with chicken & cream cheese what could go wrong!

Here is what I did with pictures:


First I mixed up regular cream cheese with some dried herbs from my garden last summer.  I chose to put in thyme & dill along with some lemon juice.  You could put in whatever your heart desires I suppose.


I pound the chicken with one of my son’s toy mallets, because I do not own a real chicken mallet, haha.  I let him have a go at it for letting me borrow the mallet 😉


I spread the cream cheese mixture onto the chicken.  I then sprinkled some Grenada Sea Salt, that had added spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, etc), on top.


I then rolled the chicken up and wrapped it with strips with bacon.  I placed a couple toothpicks through the chicken & bacon to keep it all together.




Mouth watering yet?  I placed them in a dish and put it in the oven @ 400 degrees celsius for 1 hour.  The recipe called for 35-40 minutes but my chicken was fairly thick since a toy mallet can only squish a piece of chicken so much, ya know.  It was done at 1 hour and my dish did need some soaking after as I could’ve probably taken it out sooner.




Doesn’t that look so yummy!  I am definitely making this again.  It was moist and the flavor of the herbed cream cheese was amazing.  The only thing I didn’t like it that the bacon on the bottom was fairly wet & non-crunchy.  I like crunchy bacon so I just left the wet bottom parts to the side.  Maybe next time I’ll try flipping them half way to get the bottom to crunch up a bit.

You defiantly need to try this if you have not already!


Our Family Ministry

This year I became a Connect Volunteer for Operation Christmas Child.  I had to fill out a form similar to what my volunteers fill out to work in our children’s ministry, except longer.  I had an interview over the phone and I had each of my references called, as they do with every volunteer.  I work with a wonderful lady, Glenda, who is a hoot to travel with 🙂

A couple Sunday’s ago, Glenda gave a thank-you address to our church as Operation Christmas Child came to a close (for the church…not for us volunteers…we just keep on working!).  She mentioned how as a family (husband, 2 kids) OCC has become their family ministry.

I strongly believe that it is important that each family have a ministry that they do as a family unit.  One they all can be excited about, and one they all have a passion to be involved in.  It can be as “small” as packing 1 box (which really is super big…believe me!) or it can be as “big” as helping serve Christmas dinner at a homeless shelter.

I got to thinking about this season with OCC & came to the conclusion that, like Glenda, right now OCC is our family ministry as well.  Our family may be small…it consists of 2 people, myself and my 3 year old son O.  Let me tell you how our family was involved this year in our ministry.

1.  Boxes arrived.  My volunteer position is Logistics Co-ordinator (and I help with Church Relations as we have no one right now doing that).  I got boxes out to churches, I kept track of who took boxes.

2.  As the Children’s Pastor (my real job) I set up our church’s boxes and got those distributed.

3.  I helped promote at Rock the River by wearing a shoe box!

3.  I attended the Kick-Off at CCA.  My son, who is too young for school also attended.  He helped me put beads in the baggies we put together for the boxes the kids were doing that day.  We did 150 bags.  He got tired after a while and wandered but then came back to do more.  He wore a shoe box and tried it out.

4.  He helped me pick out items for our shoe boxes.  We did 10 boxes this year.  I don’t say that to say “look at what we did!”, but I really wanted to make sure the shoe boxes had a presence in our home and that O saw what we were doing.  For over a month there were shoeboxes in our house.  He saw me pack them (unless there were cars involved…then I did that in secret, haha), he saw me put the labels on and he helped bring them to the church.  He also helped me bring other people’s boxes to the alter at church.

5.  O & I helped with a packing party at the church.  O kept those cars organized on that boy toy’s table 🙂  When we went by with a box for a boy, his job was to put a toy car into the box.  By the end of the OCC season he could tell you, and did tell the whole church one Sunday morning, that we put cars in the boxes because the little children don’t have any cars to play with so we give them cars.  That’s the biggest thing he went away with this year…probably really the only thing.  But that is a HUGE thing…especially since he usually wants to keep the cars himself!

6.  We went to the CCA closing.  I helped bring boxes to the gym & put them in the shape of trees.  O sat with all the kids so silently, even though he was too young to be there.  He closed his eyes AND KEPT THEM CLOSED for the loooonnng prayer, haha!  He clapped when people were rewarded for bringing in the most shoeboxes and he watched the video presentation of a testimony about the boxes in Romania.  At the end he helped me pack the boxes into BIG boxes along with everyone else.  They were perfect for him to carry and he was so cute picking them up and bringing them over for me to put in.

7.  We prayed over our church’s boxes the final Sunday morning.  O laid his hand on one of the boxes while the Pastor prayed.

8.  I went down to Waterloo with 5 other ladies to help at the processing plant.  It was amazing!

I still have a few things left to do for OCC when it comes to the boxes and logistics.  But I love our family ministry.  What do we do now you ask, since the OCC season is over until next year?  Well, O & I continue with our other family ministry with Seeds International in Grenada!

What “ministry” to you do as a family?  If you don’t have anything you do together, consider making it a priority in your life.  When O gets a little older I would love to serve Christmas dinner to those who do not have a family or food to eat Christmas day.  I mean, what do we do Christmas day after the presents have been opened anyways?

Interview With My 3 Year Old

I “interviewed” my son the other day.  He just turned 3 today!  Happy Birthday O!!!!

I took out some of the questions that were on the page I got off Pinterest because they seemed too old, or were about things he didn’t do.  Here are the responses I got (I put his first answer down and then after the … I put down what he said after I may have asked him again, lol):

O, 3 Years Old:

1.  What is your name?  Owen

2.  What is your middle name? 3…”kenzie”

3.  How old are you?  Um, 3!

4.  What is your favorite colour?  Black

5.  What is your favorite animal?  Motorcycle…Zebra!

6.   What is your favorite book?  Jesus!…Dragon!

7.  What is your favorite song?  Twinkle

8.  What is your favorite food?  Peanuts

9.  What is your favorite drink?  Water

10.  What is your favorite snack?  Peanuts!

11.  What is your favorite toy?  Car, truck, van!

12.  Who is your best friend?  Jacob

13.  What is your favorite thing to play with outside?  Trucks!

14.  What is your favorite thing to take to bed with you?  Cars

15.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  A boy!

16.  Where do you want to go on vacation?  Store!

17.  What do you want for your birthday?  Cake!  Drink!

And there it is…a sneak peak into my sons head.  Happy Birthday O!  I love you more than you could ever imagine!

15 Things

I use to see these lists all the time on Facebook. I rarely ever participated unless it was really interesting. Today I’m making up my own just for fun. Here we go:

15 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I am 30 (gasp…I know). A kind man told me last week he thought I was 25.
2. I started playing the keyboard 6 years ago. I can only play chords, and I cannot play some of the fancy ones. I NEED chords. I cannot play without them in front of me. If you ask me to play a song at the end of service that I do not have the chords for, I will ask you to sing a cappella.
3. I prefer to lead worship without playing keys…but currently I need to.
4. I’ve always dreamed of adopting a child. Someday I believe I will have that opportunity.
5. I love ice skating. I cannot stop properly.
6. I love to hike.
7. I cannot drive a standard. I tried. I hated it.
8. I’m a Newfie. Born there. Lived there until I was in Grade 9.
9. I cannot dance. I have done a couple hip hop songs with a friend for church but it took me FOREVER to learn it. I do have rhythm, but add too many steps and my mind can’t keep up.
10. I travelled for 2 summers with my college on summer teams. We lead worship and counselled at teen summer camps as far west as Oregon and as far south as South Carolina/Tennessee. I LOVED it.
11. I cannot use the same facecloth twice. I cannot share a facecloth with anyone. I CAN use a towel more than once!
12. I am psychologically allergic to nuts-coconut-dried oats. The texture makes me puke. In situations where I have to eat something that has any of the listed items or items like it, I have to concentrate very hard on swallowing them and keeping them down.
13. I cannot talk and write/type at the same time. I either end up making writing errors or my speech is slow. Want proof? Check the spelling on my OCC posters. I am aware that November is not spelled Novemember…but I spelled it that way on BOTH posters!
14. I went to college/university to take psychology. I ended up finishing with a B.A in Christian Education with a double major in Music and Christian Counselling.
15. My favourite season is Fall (real Fall, not this -5 almost snowing we get nowadays). My favourite holiday is Christmas. I like real Christmas trees. I start listening tomChristmas music in November.

BONUS: I LOVE to travel.
DOUBLE BONUS: I have moved about 13 times in my life…I’ve lost count.

I Am Thankful

On this beautiful Thanksgiving Monday, I am thankful for:

*Safe travels in Owen’s trip with his dad.

*Family that love us from afar.

*Family that love us right here at home.

*Friends that have supported and continue to support, no matter what the circumstance.

*Family & friends that pray for us, even when I don’t realize they are doing so.

*A church that is full of wonderful, supportive, vision filled people.

*Workers that come along side of me in Children’s Ministry & Worship Ministry.

*Financial stability.

*Opportunities to give.

*Opportunities to grow.

*Faith that things are and will work together for the good if I just keep loving Him.

*Patience in waiting for His timing.

*Contentment.  Contentment in where God has taken me.  Contentment in what He has in store.


*Food on my table.

*Heat.  Especially on these cold nights.

*A pillow to lie on.

And that is where I am headed right now.  It’s been a long, tiring day.  And, through it all, I am thankful.

Luskville Falls Trail

Delane & I hiked Luskville Falls today.  After a couple wrong turns and a quick unexpected venture into the provincial park due to missing a small sign for the falls, we made it.  But getting lost makes the journey more fun anyways, right?  Cameras in hand we started on the trail.  It was more challenging than we had expected, but we made it to the top!  The views were spectacular and we didn’t kill ourselves.  It took us 1.5 hours to hike up and 50 minutes to hike down…we are f-a-s-t.  Seriously, we decided on impulse to take another path down which didn’t have as many huge rocks to climb.  We are adventurers.

Here are some pictures of our hike.  Delane walked ahead on our way up and I went ahead on our way down:

Miss Delane getting a shot of the first falls

A very rocky climb

Almost to the top of the look-out.  1km left to the tower, which was a beautiful hike, but not much to look at up at the tower which was disappointing.


The pathway was covered in leaves…it was gorgeous.  I LOVE fall.

Had to walk across in order to continue the path to the tower

Made it!

I think if you CAN get your bike UP this trail, you should be able to ride it down…seriously.

Ottawa Valley

Beautiful trees.  Did I mention that I love fall yet?

It was a beautiful hike, despite the difficulty of climbing the rocks over 3/4 of the way up.  I want to do it again.  I think it would be awesome to watch the sunset from up there.  Someone has to want to do that with me, because there’s no way I’m climbing down that trail…in the dark…by myself.


My 5K

I ran my first 5K race today.  I’ve been running since June so it’s not my first time running 5K, but it was my first official run.  I ran the Color Vibe 5K.  It’s a race where they throw this powered paint at you as you run.  In this one they had 4 paint stations set up.  As you go through the station the “workers” throw paint at you.  Sounds like fun, eh!  Here’s a picture of Owen and I waiting for my turn to leave.

I decided to do the last wave of runners.  I thought it was a good choice, but it turned out to be a disappointment.  By the time I got to run they had run out of a lot of paint.  The first station they threw pink, and it didn’t really get me.  The second station was yellow and it was gone completely…I saw people lying down and rolling in it on the ground just to get yellow on their shirt.  The third station was purple and they were pretty much out…I got a little in my hair.  The fourth station was blue to which I got a fair amount.  The run was done by mostly college students age kids.  Some went through a colour station then turned around and went back again later.  Most of the people throwing the paint were college student age kids…who looked like they dumped paint on themselves.  Bummer for those of us that actually ran.  If I do it again next year, I will run in the first wave…not the last.  Would be fun to take your kids.  But like I said, run the first wave if you want to be coloured.

What matters most of course was that I ran the whole thing!  I don’t think many people did.  I was constantly running around people who were just walking and chit chatting.  One lady walked with her  huge umbrella…yeah, not entirely safe for those running on the small trail.  It poured when I first started, but then stopped so the weather was perfect for running.

Here I am after the race.  One thumb up for finishing!  One thumb down for the lack of paint…I was looking forward to getting covered in colour 😦